Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I hate this time of year so much that I feel like I am in a black cloudy haze. But I’m sure that’s normal for everyone. Right?

So I’m going to focus on some good things that happened today.

  • I didn’t have to pay for parking downtown because the parking meter was frozen and I couldn’t put money in.
  • I bought a loaf of warm, fresh multi-grain bread from Bread & Circuses for dinner.
  • Neve came up to me and kissed me with her cheeks sucked in and her lips like a guppy.
  • I got to see my coworker and friend (and loyal blog reader) Lisa’s gorgeous new baby.
  • Dale bought me two Easter cream eggs and I still have one left. Plus I ate a whole family sized Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate bar today. And I made fudge and ate lots of it. That sounds bad – must not keep track of such things.
  • I love my friends who email me. That definitely makes the happy list.
  • There was still daylight at 5:30 p.m.
  • Dale’s car got fixed in one day (we thought we’d have to pick it up tomorrow, thereby complicating transportation arrangements). Unfortunately the cost of the repairs didn’t make the happy list.
  • Everyone (except Spencer) liked the supper I made and no one complained that I hated them by serving “poison” for supper.
  • I didn’t have to leave the house tonight and I got to watch American Idol. There are crazy people in Birmingham. And I want long hair now.
  • I saw a book in Chloe’s Scholastic book order called “Will you be my Valenswine?” I’m ordering it just because I think that’s the best title ever.
  • We decided to go on a winter holiday next year for two whole weeks. I can’t handle another January with nothing to look forward to.
  • January is officially over in 24 hours and 18 minutes.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Think Like a Winner

Our furnace has been going non-stop for over a week. I shudder to think what our heating bill is going to be like. In spite of that, Neve’s room is so cold that we don’t need a beer fridge. I just wish she’d stop playing with the bottles. I guess our furnace isn’t quite strong enough to heat the extra space. Or our ductwork is insufficient. I’m pretty sure warm pajamas are cheaper than getting that fixed.

Spencer started pond hockey last week. It’s very recreational and all outdoors. He was one of the most inexperienced skaters, but I don’t think he noticed. He loved it. But the next day he asked if I could sign him up for real hockey. I told him this was real hockey. “No,” he said, “the kind with crowds cheering.” Later he asked how he could get on a hockey card. Confidence is everything. Anyway, hockey is cancelled if it’s colder than -26 C, so yesterday it was cancelled. They rescheduled for today and since it’s only -15, they were going to proceed. Well it may be only -15, but the wind out there is enough to make you cry. And those tears freeze instantly. I want my kid to be tough and hardy and stuff, but everything in moderation. So we’re warm and cozy tonight in our neverending furnace running house.


My goals are progressing well so far. I feel much more organized and together than I have in a long time. We’ve been eating well, I have been making appointments and babysitting arrangements well in advance, the storage room (while still far from clean) is at least enter-able, and I’ve been stocking up on things when shopping so I don’t have to run out for something every day. Lists are my new best friend. I put “paint flowers in Chloe’s room” on my list last week, which I didn’t feel like doing one bit. I procrastinated til Wednesday, when I finally cut out a flower template. I thought I’d just try painting a sample flower behind the door in her room. Before I knew it, flowers appeared around the whole room. If that hadn’t been on my list, I wouldn’t have done it for months. Now I’m scared to put things on my list because that means I have to do them. I’m going to start a list of things that I want to put on a list.

As far as my other goal goes, I’ve been entering contests left and right. I have a good feeling about this. I am going to win something by March. And not something small like a CD I didn’t even want. I’ve got my heart set on a trip or a washer & dryer. They say you have to think like a winner. That’s my new motto.

In other news, Neve has finally started speaking. She says about 7 words and does about 5 more in sign language. I still laugh every time she signs. She plays it up and thinks she is very clever. But I’m particularly pleased that she occasionally chooses to speak verbally. Whenever I put her in her crib for a nap or the night, she calls out “bye!” as I walk out the door. She’s at the stage where she knows what she wants and doesn’t like to take no for an answer. I guess we’re all still at that stage. She’s pretty funny; we laugh at her all day. The kids all love their geckies (blankies) and sneaking them in the wash is always a big ordeal. So today I was in the laundry room putting a load into the washer when Neve comes in with Spencer’s geckie and hands it to me to throw in. She wouldn’t give me hers, but she was all too happy to offer someone else’s.

I’m not doing too well on my other goal of getting to bed early. But it’s a small price to pay for being organized and winning a plasma TV.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Apparently it’s not cool to make New Years resolutions anymore, so I’m not going to make any (should I be so concerned with being cool at my age?). Instead I will call them “goals.” I’m going to be more organized this year. Dale bought me a Norman Rockwell calendar/planner and I will write down every last detail of my life. Never again will I have overdue library books or forget hot lunch day. I will finish my Christmas shopping in September (shopping on Christmas Eve is what initiated this “goal”) and plan meals two weeks in advance. I will only go grocery shopping once a week instead of every day. I am going to make maximum use of my time and not waste it on making snowflakes or car-parking games. I don’t yet know where I will glean the rest of this organizing time from. I guess the whole goal of being organized is that it will save time in the long run but until I am at that perfect organizing utopia, I will be functioning on four hour nights. That conflicts with my second goal of getting to bed earlier. My third goal is to win something. I am going to enter every single contest that I know of for a whole year and see if it pays off. Even the ones under the Coke caps where you have to go online to see if you’ve won. I will only draw the line on anything that involves winning a time-share information session.

In keeping with Goal #1 and Goal #2, I will make this short and sweet, but I leave you with a conversation that I overheard the other day between Dale and Spencer.

Spencer: Would you rather drink poison or be stung by a bee?

Dale: Stung by a bee.

Spencer: Would you rather drink poison or get hit by lightning?

Dale: Get hit by lightning.

Spencer: Would you rather drink poison or get run over by a Smart Car?

Dale: Get run over by a Smart Car. I’m never going to pick the poison.

Spencer: Okay, you win.