Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to Chloe

THEN - Newborn Chloe

NOW - Nine year old Chloe*

Nine years ago yesterday, Chloe was extracted from me. How my life has changed since then. I was so young and cheerful and uncynical. I guess that doesn't exactly sound like a plug for motherhood. But I’m so much more complete as a person now! (am I convincing?) No really, I wouldn’t change a thing. Chloe really is a great kid, she's getting to the point where she's actually fun to go to Starbucks or run to the mall with. It's amazing how she was a teether-sucking baby in the exersaucer a few minutes ago and now she wears lipgloss and has a Crush-Boy. The kids have definitely added a whole new dimension to my life and I laugh way more. It’s kind of a hysterical laugh sometimes, but that still counts. And I if do my job right, when I’m old I will have three people who will feel obligated to visit me and play Scrabble with me and help me choose an affordable nursing home with caring staff.

Spring break has officially begun. My favourite spring break activity is watching the snow melt. There's always a huge change during that week. There’s been a lot of meltage already – the snowlady in front of our house has lost her head. The rest of her isn't too far behind. Spencer flattened her snowbaby today, so she's probably feeling like there's no reason to go on anyway. That's fine - since she's been built, I freak out every time I look out the window after dark and see her black silhouette. Speaking of outdoor decorations (sort of), I can’t help but notice how many houses still have Christmas decorations up. If you are one of them, today would be a good day to take them down. I don’t mind the lights on the house (as long as you don’t turn them on), but any plastic snowmen, garland, or wreaths should go back to the Rubbermaid box in the basement. Spring has sprung!!
* This picture was actually taken when she was 8 - dressed up for Egypt Day this last Tuesday.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tooth Fairy

Went to see Young Triffie tonight. It was actually quite good. It was directed by Mary Walsh of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and Fred Ewanuick (Hank from Corner Gas) was the star. And they were actually there in person. And signing autographs. Hank is much better looking in person. Strangely enough, at work today we got free tickets for another advance screening tonight (same theatre, same time) of a movie called The Lookout. It sounded way more exciting than the Newfoundland movie, but on prize-winning principle, I forced Dale to see Young Triffie. And he admitted that he enjoyed it. Went to Joey's for appetizers & drinks after, so it was a fun night out.

Good thing I didn’t make any irrational (I can’t bring myself to say “idle” or worse: “idol”) threats about not watching American Idol anymore. Sanjaya lives on. I found an article online that shares most of my opinions. The comments at the bottom are just downright nasty though.

Spencer lost his first tooth yesterday. He was thrilled. When I went to put the fairy money under his pillow last night, I found this note written by Chloe. He was very excited this morning when he discovered his toonie, especially after I told him, “Just think - there was a real fairy in your room last night!” Yesterday afternoon, he said he wanted to save all his teeth and asked why he had to leave his tooth for the tooth fairy. I wanted to avoid the same scenario we had with Chloe – she kept all her teeth in a little silver box and refused to put them under her pillow. In the past month or so, she has been digging into her tooth collection and leaving them under her pillow randomly without telling us. It took me a while to discover this; now I have to check every night just in case. So I told Spencer that the tooth fairy needs them to give to babies that have no teeth. He thought about that for a while and then asked, “So all my teeth have been in someone else’s mouth??” That did sound a little disgusting, so I had to backtrack and change my story. Maybe he can save his tooth money for therapy.

On the weekend, I went to London Drugs to buy Chloe & Spencer Tamagotchis (the new version) for their birthdays. I had to take Spencer with me so I tried to be sneaky and hide them, but he saw them and figured out who they were for. He hadn’t mentioned it since then, but he obviously was thinking about it because yesterday he said to me: “Too bad you bought the Tamagotchis when I was there. Seeing is my second best sense, you know.” (smell is number one)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Young Triffie

The good news is I had my first internet-contest win this week! There it was in my email inbox with the subject line: Contest Winner. The bad news is that it’s not a trip to the Bahamas or a washer/dryer combo. It’s movie tickets to a special advance screening of a new movie called Young Triffie. What, never heard of it? It’s a Canadian movie, filmed in Newfoundland. Need I say more. But we’re going. I’m not taking this winning thing for granted. I'm like a train - slow to leave the station, but just watch as I gain momentum and speed until I reach my destiny. Hopefully my destiny involves a trip to Europe to see My Chemical Romance and new GE appliances.

Just watched three hours of TV, now I’m taking a break by staring at my computer screen. I wish they’d condense American Idol into the 15 minutes of meaningful content that it is, instead of two I-can’t-believe-I’m-sitting-through-this-whole-thing-rather-than-going-grocery-shopping-or-going-through-my-digital-photos hours. If Sanjaya doesn’t get voted off this week, I’m going to … what? Stop watching? Maybe I’ll change the channel when he sings. That will show them. Who votes for him? All the 11- year-olds trying out their new cell phones? And why did that little girl keep crying? She kind of looked like Little Miss Sunshine.

Speaking of staring at screens, I added two new links: Geosense, which is Dale’s new favourite time waster, and the IQ test that was on CBC Test the Nation on Sunday. I challenge you all to do it and post your IQ in the blog comments. It has to be your first try and you can’t lie and you can’t be anonymous. I won’t tell you what my score was until you post yours. I will say that me and my best friend (not Dale) got exactly the same score. Although I think she's smarter. And her hair is nicer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I’m right about my luck: today at Safeway I won 2 coupon books ($3 value each, but $100 worth of savings!). You might not think that’s overly lucky, but it is. Things always happen in threes so I’m just waiting for the next one, and it’s going to be big! Dale thinks the $15 he won at the casino last week makes three, but gambling winnings don’t count. I can’t remember if it’s just bad things that happen in threes.

At Safeway, a nice Safeway man gave Neve a cookie. I got her to say thank you, which she did by sign language. The man got a pitying look in his eyes, and gently asked “How do you say ‘you’re welcome’ in sign language?” I think he thought she was deaf. But then how would she have heard me tell her to say thank you for the cookie? Maybe he thought she could lip read.

This spring weather is making me so happy. It makes everything better. The only complaint I have is that I don’t know what outerwear to put on the kids. Too warm for ski pants and winter boots, but too cool for rubber boots and spring jackets (at least in my opinion – I hate being cold). And their mitts and everything else are always soaked and muddy. But I’ll happily buy a huge box of Tide and do load after load of laundry if it means the children are playing outside. Neve loves playing outside too, however it means I have to go outside with her since she enjoys me chasing her as she tries running onto the street. But she really needs some sunshine on that unnaturally pasty white face, so it’s worth it.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pillow Shopping

This is a dead giveaway that my life is boring (not that I've done a good job of hiding that), but I’m quite excited about a purchase I made today. I bought myself a new pillow at Linen & Things. I think I’ve used the same pillow all my life, since I was a little girl. This may be an exaggeration, but I actually don’t think it is. I’m pretty sure I took my pillow from my mom & dad’s when I moved out 20 years ago. It’s old and ripped, not to mention it weighs 30 lbs with all the mites that are probably living in it. So this morning I actually went out purposely to buy a new pillow (I’m kind of embarrassed about that, without quite knowing why). I ended up buying a goose down pillow, which was regularly $79.99, but it was on sale and I had a gift card so I only paid $11 out of my own pocket. I can’t wait to go to bed tonight. I told Spencer he’s not allowed to drool on my pillow when he sneaks into our bed at 5:00 in the morning.

While we were at Linen & Things, Neve was in the cart and she grabbed a talking bottle opener magnet (what a useful item – that’s what I’m buying everyone for Christmas next year) from a display and kept pressing the button to make it talk. It was a Family Guy one, and it said a few different phrases. Those of you who have ever shopped with a child knows that it doesn’t matter what they’re playing with as long as they’re quiet and cooperative, so it took me a while to realize what this thing was saying. Usually “talking” things sound kind of garbled, but suddenly I hear it say, very clearly and articulately and loudly, “Who the hell do you think you are?” All the housewives around me stopped in their tracks and stared. Neve beamed back at them. I pretended I didn’t hear anything. For all they know, I could be deaf. The other phrase I remember was “I’m not d-d-drunk, I just have a speech impediment.” I should remember them all because Neve kept pressing the button for 10 minutes straight. I kind of wanted to buy it to keep in my purse for future shopping trips, but it was $12 and wanted the pillow more.

One more thing: I still haven’t won anything, BUT Dale won Bomber tickets as a door prize at a conference. I can just tell our luck is changing….

Monday, March 05, 2007

What's a Crush-Boy?

Chloe likes to read, which is like saying Jim enjoys a clean car (understatement). Normally I don’t pay much attention to the books she reads, but today I saw a Lizzie McGuire book on the counter called Hands off My Crush-Boy. On the cover is a picture of a cartoon Lizzie McGuire dusting a trophy for fingerprints. The trophy says “Hottie of the Year.” On the back it says: “Lizzie’s crush-boy is in major trouble at the Mr. Teen Hottie pageant.” Pretty much every book she reads comes from her Christian school library or from the Scholastic Book order which is censored by her Christian school, since they apparently don’t trust parents to make good choices on their own (imagine that). But we went to the public library on Saturday and she picked this book, which I didn’t look at since I was running around trying to put back all the books with monkeys on the cover that Neve kept pulling out and bringing to me, saying “Eeee-eeee! Eee-eee!” (the name of her stuffed monkey). At any rate, Chloe’s already read it and as I flipped through it I saw that it looks tamer than it sounds. But then when I tucked her into bed tonight, she was telling me about a boy she likes in her class and how she always tries to be next to him when they line up at school. I debated about whether to give her a long talk on not being boy-crazy and chasing after boys, blah blah blah, but I was tired and didn’t feel like it so I just downplayed it by saying, “Oh that’s nice. You two have been friends since Kindergarten.” She says, “No. Mom. I have a CRUSH on him.” Stupid book. Bring on the censorship.