Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family Weekend 2011

For those of you who have been lying awake at night wondering when I was going to blog about my family weekend, lie awake no more. I’m afraid it will be a bit of a let down since there’s really nothing crazy to report.

We had a great family weekend, which is an annual tradition when Dan comes to visit. Everyone except Jenn was there or at least made a brief appearance during the weekend. We did all the usual things (click here for last year’s recap), as well as some new things like fireworks, a beanbag toss game, kittens, a giant sprinkler and an outdoor movie night. The cousins had a lot of fun together; we were happy to have Bailey & Tia (and their parents) back safe from Europe, and the younger kids always love spending time with their older cousin Jordan. Spencer loves getting Jordan to spin him around in the hammock, but the last time we were at my parents’ house, Spencer wasn’t holding on tightly and fell face down to the floor. This resulted in a fat lip and a bloody nose, so when Spencer begged Jordan to spin him in the hammock this time, Jordan said, “Why don’t I just punch you in the face instead?” That was my favourite line of the whole weekend.

It was baby Lexie’s first family weekend, and judging by her lack of crying, she had a pretty sweet time. She’s such a content baby and only cries when her big sister demonstrates her love in a painful way. Her diaper overflowed at one point and caused a mustard-coloured geyser to spray all over Auntie Janet. That was a highlight for my kids, since nothing can ever be funnier than poop.

Some of you asked what rollkuche are - here's a nice closeup of the cooking process. Mmm - delicious, bubbling pot of fat, how we love you.
Sack race fun

Seed plant climbing fun... Spencer's second best highlight of the weekend.

Rocketing pop bottle fun

Beanbag fun - look how gracefully Jim throws a beanbag

Trampolining fun. Sabrina enjoyed this a lot.
And out came the mask again.
I have hundreds of pictures, but I will stop here. Looking forward to next year already...


Anonymous said...

Haha! Is that Bella in the mask? The little legs sticking out are hilarious.

Why don't I just punch you in the face - too funny!

Baby Lexie would be squeezed by me all day long.

Love the prairie picture at the end!!


Corinna said...

Your weekend looks amazing! Everyone's parents should live out in the country. And be as fun as your family. Who organizes all the activities? Who needs summer camp when you have a weekend like that??
The "punch in the face" line was probably my favourite part of your weekend too.

Daniel said...

Haha! I missed the 'punch face' comment! Good one Jord!

As always, it was a whole lot of fun, and so good to hang out with you!

Anonymous said...

I think you should open up the weekend at your parent to friends who don't get invited to any cabins all summers. :) That sounds amazing!


Anonymous said...

Wait...what is inside the rollkuche? My mouth is watering and I just need to know exactly what I'm missing.

Punch in the that is classic family fun! Love it!


Daniel said...

Rollkuche are a flour & egg dough, rolled (thinner the better!) and cut into strips, then deep-fried. They puff up with air in the fryer. Eat with rebüzeh (watermelon) as a meal, and then carry on into desert, with strawberry jam or a sweet sauce (hey, I didn't have any of that!). Oh great, now my mouth is watering!!

Anonymous said...

Yes...I am missing out on the rollkuche. Thanks Dan!