Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I need a Mac

My picture-a-day aspirations are not working out well. This is largely due to my computer contracting a virus and making me think all my files were deleted. Actually that only happened on Sunday night so I will have to think of an excuse for the days prior to that. I thought I was going to throw up when I saw that all my files were gone; I hardly slept that night and flew into work at the crack of dawn Monday morning. The wonderful IT guy knew what the problem was right away and calmed me down. If Dale hadn't had that operation, we would be naming our next child Mark.

Luckily my files were all there but since the virus is not easily removed, he had to wipe my hard drive clean (after saving my files elsewhere) so all my programs had to be reinstalled. Things are slowly getting back to normal, but it's a bit of a process. I tried for hours today to get one of my programs working like it used to; the kids were wild,* a friend stopped by, there was noisy construction going on next door,** the green space behind our house was being mowed by a very loud tractor, jets were flying low overhead and I was getting very stressed. Dale & I are both on holidays the rest of the week, so I also some vacation plans I needed to make. We were going to go camping, but no one was very excited about it and I was not in a place to pack and get organized so we called it off. I'm kind of sad about not going, but it's just so much work that if no one is literally jumping up and down and counting down the days with a paper chain, it's just not Worth It. Instead, we're planning to take a one-night trip to Grand Forks for a little break.
* While I was on the phone with the IT guy, Neve came running into the study, frantic and crying. I asked her what was wrong and all she would say is "Come!" I showed her I was on the phone and tried to wave her away, but she was so upset and agitated that I thought it must be something serious. I told Mark I'd call him back, then ran to follow Neve to the basement where she pointed to the Wii/TV and sobbed that she couldn't figure out how to finish this level in her Princess Wii game. Let's just say that didn't turn out well for anyone.
** The next door neighbour is having a new deck built. For anyone who's making career decisions and wondering what would be a fun job to do, based on these workers, I believe deck-building is your answer. They laugh (loudly) all day long. Everything is hilarious. I enjoy my job; I laugh regularly - not so much when I'm working from home by myself, but when I'm in the office. But if I laughed half as much as these guys do, I'd never want to go home. I'd be begging to work evenings and weekends. By the time this deck is done, my kids are going to abandon their dreams of becoming teachers and archeologists in favour of this significantly more humourous career.

Okay, enough about my computer trouble, stress, and indecision. On a much happier note, we had a great weekend. We went to the Quarry late Friday afternoon and stayed most of the evening (top photo). It was a perfect evening and we had the place almost all to ourselves. The kids played, we had burgers and onion rings, and it was warm and calm. The only thing that could have made it more magical was if a pink unicorn had come sliding down a rainbow into the quarry.
On Saturday, Spencer spearheaded a yard sale. It was mostly books and toys he's outgrown, along with a few other household items. It was a huge success; we had lots of traffic and got rid of almost everything. Lots of neighbours came by, Chloe and Neve set up a lemonade stand, and we had fresh brownies. We ended up making 3 batches of lemonade and it was just a really fun atmosphere. The picture below makes it look like we were intimidating and a little bit angry, but we weren't. Dale's menacing pose was mostly just for the picture; he was only outside for about 2 minutes of the sale. If the deck-building doesn't work out for Spencer, I think he'd do pretty good in sales. Whenever a customer showed interest in something, Spencer would describe the virtues of that item. Or he'd ask someone if they had children who liked Hot Wheels cars, etc. Sometimes he asked if they had grandchildren, but I tried to steer him away from that question since it can be tricky for a 10-year-old to judge age.

Dale's family came over for dinner Saturday night - another gorgeous evening spent sitting on the deck. On Sunday we went to the waterpark in Portage, although the hot sunny day in Winnipeg became a cooler, breezier day in Portage, which is not very desirable when you're shivering in line at the top of a waterslide. Luckily the kids didn't care and they had a lot of fun.
Not sure how much more consistent I'll be with the daily picture-posting going forward, but maybe my guilt will spur me on.


Daniel said...

I had a dream last night that I had won $1,000,000 worth of Apple products - if it had been true, I'd have given you a few laptops.
10-yr-olds judging age - that made me laugh!
Hope you're able to get some relaxation in soon!

Corinna said...

I like the pink unicorn part. It would've been even more magical if that unicorn had been in the basement helping Neve pass her princess level.
I'm glad your computer is on the mend, maybe you could just refer to Spencer as Mark here and there instead...or get a puppy. Mark the puppy...hmmm...not a very good ring to it. Here Marky Marky Marky! Okay, maybe it could work.

Anonymous said...


I laughed out loud so many times in this one!! Name your next child Mark? "That didn't turn out well for anyone"? Counting down days on a paper chain?? It's too much!

I want a MAC, too. But I don't have $1500. Maybe one day...when my book sells...or I get a job that actually pays me more than rent and food...