Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lake / I love my job

As previously mentioned, Chloe, Neve and I went Lake of the Woods on Wednesday to visit friends from Wednesday to Thursday.  Their cottage is on an island so it was pretty fun taking a boat from the mainland.  Neve didn’t think so initially; there was a very strong wind, so the waves were huge and the boat was rocking vigourously where it was docked.  We were all getting into the boat when Neve suddenly leaped out and ran up the stairs leading down to the dock.  My poor friend had partially untied the boat already so she had to hold the rope with all her might while I tried to convince Neve to get back in.  It turns out that she wasn’t scared of the boat capsizing, but that she might get boat-sick and throw up.  No one likes throwing up, but she has an intense, passionate phobia of it.  Finally she relented and after 10 seconds on the boat, her fears dissipated.
We had an awesome time at the cottage, doing all the usual lake things like swimming and eating.  I would weigh 500 lbs if I spent the whole summer at the lake. My neighbour Karen was spending the week at her cottage nearby, so she boated over for cocktail hour on Wednesday and we boated over to visit her the next day.  It was so beautiful out there and even though it was only one night, I felt like I had a real holiday.  I fell asleep listening to the waves lapping up on shore outside my window and woke up to a beautiful view of the cove.  It was hard to go home, so we dragged it out as long as we could and got stuck in a torrential downpour on the way home, but it was Worth It.

I usually work on Thursdays, but all staff was requested to be at an all-day meeting on Friday, so I rearranged my schedule.  There was some secrecy about the day, so while some people were optimistically curious, I was expecting a strategic planning session for the upcoming fiscal year.  Not so.  There were fresh croissants and pastries, a fruit tray and mimosas waiting for us in the lobby when we got to work.  Then Dave (the big boss) announced that there were limos waiting outside to take us to Polo Park mall.  The sceptic in me was still thinking it was some kind of team-building scavenger hunt, until he started passing out gift cards for each person to spend.  I felt like we were on Oprah: we each got a $400 gift card that we were instructed to spend on ourselves, and then meet at Earl’s for a late lunch.  When we got to the mall, customer service presented us all with shopping bags with a couple of goodies inside and an iced tea from David’s to sip on as we shopped.  And shop we did.  I bought jeans, two pairs of shoes, a skirt and some makeup.  I couldn’t decide what to spend the rest on, so I’ve got another shopping trip in my future.  It was such a fantastic day; it was great fun talking about our purchases and seeing who bought what.  A couple of people bought iPads (topped up with their own money), someone bought a small flat screen TV, and one guy bought a wedding ring to finally replace the one he lost years ago.  I’ve discovered that saying about money not buying happiness is wrong.  Some rich person probably just made it up to make the rest of us feel better.  I feel pretty happy when I'm wearing my new shoes.

The limos had us back at the office around 3:00, and then we all went home to get ready for the evening festivities.  Lovey’s catered a BBQ at Dave’s house followed by a campfire complete with smores and the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen in a private setting.  The kids each got a Best Buy gift certificate as a parting gift, so everyone was pretty happy.  Let’s just say there was no perusing the Careers section in the Free Press this weekend. 

Right after the party, we headed to my parents’ house for the weekend.  I am going to leave you all hanging in suspense and save that for another day.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I should be perusing the careers section in the newspaper...where do you work?

Wow! Chloe cut her hair!! Tell her I think she looks great.


Anonymous said...

DID Chloe cut her hair??? I had to really look at that photo to decide 1: if it was Chloe and 2: if her hair was CUT or PULLED BACK. Enlighten us, Ellen!!

And OMG - what a FABULOUS FABULOUS day at work!!!??? That is one of the best stories I have heard in a while! I can't wait to hear what the kids get at Best Buy! Really Ellen, that is just such a wonderful tale of giving back to the staff. I am so happy for you!


Anonymous said...

Haha. Before reading the comments, I too enlarged the photo of Chloe to see if she cut her hair. If it's cut...it looks totally amazing! If not...she should. Hee. I have no words about your whole job treat day. That is incredible!!!!! Wow.


L said...

Oh dear, I had strict orders from Chloe not to post any pics of her because she wanted to surprise people with her haircut. She's not going to be happy with me, so just pretend you didn't see anything. I will post official photos and get her to write a post about it when she gets back from camp. (it does look cute though!)

Corinna said...

You staged that last picture, that work story just cannot be true. Although I have to say, I get pretty excited around my birthday for my Mr. Rooter present, so I guess we have it pretty good too. But seriously, $400 to spend on whatever? And then lunch? and a limo? You must have felt like you were in a movie.