Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Uncle Dan

My daily posting goal was obviously way too ambitious. I seem to be gradually making a shift from a relaxed, casual, breezy summer frame of mind to a full-out lazy, unmotivated and sloth-like state. It's not pretty.

Oh well, I will enjoy these last few weeks of summer and just pray that when I awake on September 7 (first day of school), I will be brimming with renewed energy and vigour and a strong, purposeful sense of direction.

Dan spent a couple of days with us and when I review what we did, it's actually pretty impressive. On Sunday, we biked to - and through - the park to have ice cream at Sargent Sundae. My parents and Jim & Sabrina came as well, so that was pleasant especially since my dad paid for all the ice cream. (Thanks, Dad.)

Yesterday Dan, the kids, and I went to the Quarry for the afternoon. My friend Jenn and her kids met us there for our 3rd annual beach day. It was yet another gorgious day and we had a great time catching up. When we got home, Dan ordered in pizza for us and then we went to the Forks. We walked all over the place; the highlights were watching Neve try to get out of the bowels of the skate park and enjoying the fireworks after the Goldeyes game.

Today we had a lazy morning - there was cloud cover and even a bit of rain! - but there were zhu-zhu pet activities and a 1000 piece puzzle to keep busy with. After lunch Dan, Spencer and I hung out in the Exchange District for a couple of hours. We went to Toad Hall Toys, got cupcakes, and checked out a used bookstore. Dan headed back to my parents' house later on; it was great to have him here and the kids love having him around.

Tomorrow morning, the girls and I are off to a friend's cabin and then we're spending the weekend at my parents' so chances are slim that I'll blog for a bit. Maybe I will be so re-energized after the break, I'll start posting twice a day.

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