Monday, October 24, 2011

Grand Forks 2012

This last weekend was the second weekend I was away this month, so between preparing to go and cleaning up after and making sure everything got done in between, this month has been a blur. Neve and Spencer started swimming lessons today and Chloe starts on Wednesdays, so right now Mondays & Wednesdays are triple booked until volleyball season ends. On the plus side, I realize I get restless if I’m not busy enough so that’s definitely not happening very often. I’ve started crocheting when I have nothing else to do; I’ve crocheted three scarves this month and am well into the fourth. The scarves are mediocre at best, but they go nice and fast, unlike this baby blanket that took me almost two years to finish:

We had a great time in Grand Forks this past weekend. It was our annual weekend with Teresa & Anthony and Doug & Lorie. I don’t know how many years we’ve been going, but it must be at least ten. I wasn’t as focused on shopping this time as I usually am, but I bought a few Christmas gifts, clothes, running shoes, etc. I am most excited about my new griddle. Not to be confused with girdle, although I might be excited about that too.

The kids swam and watched TV until their eyes bled. Us adults tried going out for a nice dinner on Saturday night, but apparently the UND homecoming is a big deal and everything was packed. We ended up at some pub-like place and had the worst dinner ever. I can still feel my heavy, doughy crab cakes lingering at the bottom of my stomach (serves me right for ordering crab cakes at a dingy pub). I would never tell Neve this, but I thought I might be sick in the night. Luckily that never happened, so it’s all good. Unluckily, the weekend flew by in the blink of an eye and life is back to normal for the foreseeable future. Luckily, normal is good. Unluckily, normal is boring. Okay, I’ll stop now. (Luckily.)

Spencer's dream come true - not only did the guys agree to play Risk with him, he won (luckily)

Of course the kids were looking at Teresa's camera on the only shot I got where all the kids had their eyes open (unluckily)


Anonymous said...

Hooray a post!

I love your Grand Forks trips. Such a fun tradition.

What is very funny to me is that I DID read girdle instead of griddle. Weird. Especially because if you have to wear a girdle, then the rest of us are doomed.


L said...

haha, good thing I clarified that!

I thought you were going to say "if you have to wear a girdle, you shouldn't be cooking things on a griddle."

(unless it's a stirfry - but I don't generally associate griddles with healthy, light cooking.)

Anonymous said...

Too bad on the dinner out. Going out without kids is a rare occasion, so it is very disappointing when the food sucks......... Sorry. Maybe we can go to Original Joes?!?! Or just Dale & I. Jim

Daniel said...

Hmph, my comment didn't get through. There was something about "Jim, don't go there again", "I like how Spencer is keeping an eagle-eye on his opponents", "did they really have to keep the board at the furthest side of the table?", and "glad you had a (mostly) good time in G.F." Luckily.