Monday, October 31, 2011


Back: Ninja, Harry Potter
Front: Las Vegas cowgirl, Justin Bieber, generic princess, Selena Gomez

The excitement of Halloween is only a tiny step down from Christmas at our house. It was an awesome Halloween. The children look grim in this picture, but they were just keeping in character. They kept their excitement in check.

If my memory serves me correctly, the weather's been pretty mild the last couple of years, but this year topped them all. No snow pants, boots, or mitts required. Most of our gang didn't even wear jackets. The kids had a great time as always, and even us adults dressed up and had a blast. Well not Dale, he just stayed home and handed out candy.

Neve was a princess. I tried to convince her to be something more creative, but she would have none of it. The upside is that it only took one trip to the basement to get her whole outfit together. She said everyone at school asked her if she was Cinderella, so she always had to explain that she was "just a princess." She told me that eventually she got tired of answering, so she just stayed quiet and didn't say anything. Probably not the greatest way to deal with things, but I'm guessing she learned that from me.

Spencer went as Harry Potter. That only took one trip to our friends' house to borrow the costume.

And Chloe dressed up as her beloved Justin Bieber. That took at least five trips to Salvation Army and Value Village, as well as one to Rona for the purple spray paint (for the shoes). It wasn't that cheap either - I had to pay $6.99 for old no-name high tops that were so dirty and worn that I could hardly bear to touch them. I shook them out of the bag straight into the washing machine, which helped a lot. But if you're ever wondering if anyone would even want your old worn-out runners, apparently Value Village and I do.

We went with a feline theme for our pumpkin-carving this year. Neither of them turned out exactly like I imagined, but perfection is boring.

I spray-painted my hair black for my witch costume. It feels disgusting and I know I should wash it out before I go to bed, but I'm not going to.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Anonymous said...

awesome Jack o lanterns...and costumes! Trick or treating rocks.


Daniel said...

Hey, I did a cat one too - seems to run in the family this year!
Glad you had such a great Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Was your pillow all grimy black and stuck to your head in the morning?


Anonymous said...

Wheres the pick of you? Nice Hello Kitty punkin. Bella would love it!

Rose said...

We have that same princess dress and at our house it makes you Cinderella:) My daughter has worn it now for 2 hears in a row at Halloween.