Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 11 - Remembering

Spencer is very fascinated with all things military these days, so I took him on a little field trip to Brookside Cemetery last weekend. I'd never been there, but I knew they had a Field of Honour that he'd find interesting. It was very sobering; the sight of all those headstones made an impact. We spent a while reading the names and ages and which wars they had fought in. We both would have liked to stay longer, but it was chilly and there was a suspicious lone male lingering right near us in the otherwise deserted cemetery.
Today we had a relaxing, yet productive day. We had a lazy morning, then went to the Forks for lunch. I had Groupons for the crepe place, but unfortunately for us it was the one place in the food court that wasn't open today. So the kids had breakfast food and Dale and I had Indian food and everyone was sort of happy. Then a flash mob situation occurred in which many Mennonites all broke into song about Jesus coming soon. I was hurt that they hadn't included me, so I didn't sing. Plus I didn't know the song. Then MCC handed out peace literature.
The Friday blog post is supposed to be my food feature; I'm not doing great with that but I did get a picture of lunch - chick pea curry with noodles. It was delicious. That's really the only interesting thing I ate today.
After that, Spencer went to a birthday party, Neve went to a friend's, and Chloe and I cleaned her room for three and a half hours straight. We went through all her clothes and got rid of two garbage bags worth. That felt so good. Tonight Dale and I went to the movies - we saw Tower Heist, which was good fun.


Daniel said...

A Menno mob?!? Just last night I learned about a 'hunt a Menno' game that's played at Providence - someone is having way too much fun!

siobhan said...

hahahahahahahah!!! It's not Hunt a Menno!!! It's Menno Run!!! hahahahahahah!! I can't stop laughing at that.

Ellen, you should take Spencer to the graveyard at St Andrew's Church. There are two headstones there for soldiers who died at Lower Fort Garry. It's quite sobering and makes LFG real rather than soap and bannock on a school field trip.

Anonymous said...

Was the flash mob awkward? They make me feel awkward when I see them on youtube...but I've never witnessed one in real life.