Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 12 - Santa Claus is in town

Tonight was the annual Santa Claus parade. We watched it from the boardroom at my office as usual. We miss out on some of the atmosphere of the street, but we were warm and cozy, had lots of good food, and access to a washroom. Best of all, people on the street often look up at us with envy. At least I think it's envy. Maybe it's pity.


Anonymous said...

The atmosphere this year was awesome and no one complained about being cold once...except Corinna...once. Not even wimpy Steve, the-I-wear-long-johns-in-June-man. My kids weren't even wearing snow pants. At one point Emeth was stripped down to his t-shirt and touque...but he's a wacko.


Daniel said...

How guilty do you feel for wishing for sleet, rain, wind, and miserable cold? ;-)

Corinna said...

Did I? Only once?
And yes, we mocked the indoor crowd. But most years, you get to mock us. (Except this was my first year...and maybe my only if it's ever colder).