Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 16

I didn't change anyone's world this week either. I don't think it's in my skill set. I'm not exactly sure what my skill set does include. I get a lot of ideas, but they never turn out quite like I imagined, so I abandond most of them. Like the scarves I started crocheting this fall. I was so excited about them and had all kinds of thoughts about making one for every friend, teacher, and mailman. I finished two and partly finished two more. The one I'm working on now has a huge knot that I've spent hours trying to unravel. I'm losing interest and anyway, the scarves turned out really skinny and sort of look like a long string. I am making the latest one thicker, but I'm the kind of person that should always follow a pattern.

But now I have a new project. My neighbour sent this to me and it's the greatest thing ever. All males on my Christmas list will surely be receiving a pair of these from me. I think they'd look good on every body type.

Off I go to search the internet for verigated yellow yarn.


Anonymous said...

Is this another of Dale's pictures where the top half of his body is missing?


Daniel said...

I kinda hope I'm not on your list... but if I am, I'll model them for your blog. (I probably shouldn't have said that...)

Corinna said...

She'll do it Daniel. I saw her in Zeller's scouting out the verigated yarn. Merry Christmas!
I think I actually threw up a little looking at that picture.