Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 19

It seems I miss one day of blogging and it’s a slippery slope. Soon my 30 day challenge is going to stretch into a 30 week challenge.

Well, the snow and cold appear to be here to stay. Actually if the forecast is correct, we’re supposed to be getting some above zero temperatures the next few days. That’s a good thing because the other day I noticed the garden hose was still attached to the water tap and now it’s frozen and I can’t get it off. Maybe the milder weather will unfreeze it and then I can use it to water the flowers in the planter that I have yet to pull up. I’m still waiting for Indian summer.

Back to the snow, I’m going to say something nice about it. I like when the sun reflects off of it and it makes everything bright and white, especially in the study where I spend a lot of time. To clarify, there is no snow IN the study, but on the deck right outside that is reflected through the garden doors. It makes me happy. To continue my positive streak, let me tell you about my new leather fur-lined mitts. I’ve always heard when your head is warm, your whole body is warm. But I say when your hands are warm, you don’t even need a hat. With my new mitts, I am so warm that I don’t even have to zip up my coat. My hands sort of have that sweaty mitten smell afterwards, but I don’t care. Between my hot flashes and my mitts, I say BRING ON WINTER. I shouldn’t have shouted that; I don’t completely mean it.

My Christmas shopping is going great. I’ve ordered lots of gifts online, so every time I see a FedEx or Canada Post truck drive down my street, I go stand by the door already. Unfortunately, it seems I’m not the only one on my street who shops online. But so far this morning I’ve already received two separate parcels. It’s so exciting. The delivery guys must think I’m a little crazy because I answer the door with a huge giddy smile. I try to suppress the beaming and just look normal and pleasant, but I think it makes it worse.

Oh, I think I hear a post office truck outside! Gotta run!


Anonymous said...

Gosh Ellen, you are so cute!!! I can totally picture you waiting by the front door.

Um, hot flashes??? Please tell me that isn't so!!!! Although I did just read and article that suggests certain yoga poses can reduce hot flashes by up to 44%. I'll tell you about it. Or maybe blog about it. But that's not likely with my track record as of late!!


Daniel said...

Hey, no need to apologize about the giddiness of waiting for a delivery - I ordered some cables online (for our TV - I got 7 cables, including an HDMI for less than ONE of the cables in a store!), and could hardly sleep as the 7-10 day window approached!

Nice to see you putting a positive spin on the snow - that's similar to our positive spin on the condo tower that went up across the alley - it reflects a lot of light into our north-facing windows!

Anonymous said...

Dan-mono price? Jim

Daniel said...

You bet, Jim! I don't know why Best Buy would even bother stocking cables any more!