Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 22 - Thursday Threads #4

Also known as Pose With My Hand On My Hip Day. Today was dress day. And even though those boots look brown in the picture, they're actually black. I couldn't bear to post a picture of my head four weeks in a row.

Enough about me. Let's talk about you. How's that Christmas shopping coming? My parcel delivery took a sharp downturn after Monday. I think the only other good thing I got in the mail was some gift cards I redeemed with my Royal Bank points. Oh, we're back to talking about me again. For some great stocking stuffer and other gift ideas, I've got two good connections for you:
  1. Teresa and her Epicure products...I just ordered some red pepper jelly to have on hand for an appetizer with cream cheese and crackers. The only problem is that they never last until company comes. They would also make a great teacher gift. There's a sale (it's still on, right Teresa?) on some holiday stuff and other little stocking stuffers - the mulling spice is a must... how many should I put you down for? She also has some great deals if you book a party for January - a delicious Epicure tasting party would be pretty cozy and delightful on a cold winter evening...
  2. Corinna's been sewing up a storm for some upcoming craft sales, including one at her home on Saturday, Dec. 3. She (and/or her partner) use the best fabrics and make beautiful baby blankets, bibs, slings, bags, and my personal favourite: the roll-up shopping bag. They're strong and super cute and a great gift for anyone, especially the person who has everything. Click here to see her Etsy site.
So there. I just helped you with your shopping. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Ellen. Free order for you! You look amazing as usual in the dress. I'm assuming that is really you. T

L said...

No, it's actually Dale. I hoped no one would notice.

I realize I forgot the link to the sale page - it's added now.

Corinna said...

Aren't you lovely! Yes, everyone come! Hot apple cider while you shop. :) And I agree with the Epicure plug too, I love their stuff. No nasty preservatives and really tasty. I have a mulling spice jar ready for the holidays!
And Ellen,you do look lovely...even when you're headless.

Anonymous said...

I think Dale looks great in that dress. It must be all that running he's doing. :)