Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 25

I had high hopes for today. It was supposed to be an unstructured, relaxing day to catch up on things I'd neglected during the week. Instead, a few things that should have taken minutes ended up taking hours. I get obsessed with stuff like that and it drives me crazy when I can't figure them out. One of those things is Lightroom. I thought since I knew Photoshop and other Adobe programs it would be easy, but I still have a sharp learning curve ahead of me. The importing and exporting and file management part of it isn't as easy as I had hoped. I love the photo-editing part of it though. I just found a Learn Lightroom in a Week website, so that's my new favourite link.

I set up our little Christmas tree that we put on the front porch, but didn't get the lights on yet. Christmas decorating is never as fun as it seems like it will be. We want to get our tree later this week and then I can start wrapping the presents that are taking over my closet. I need to make room for the rest of the gifts I need to buy.

Sunday nights are another thing that aren't that fun. Spencer was lamenting that tomorrow was Day 3, the worst day of the cycle, followed by swimming lessons, the activity he likes least. I was trying to encourage him, but I couldn't think of one nice thing to say about tomorrow either. Chloe overheard us and said Friday, the day they had no school, was Day 3. That brightened Spencer's mood, but mine is still blah. My goal for tomorrow is to come up with something positive to report.

Happy Monday, everyone!

(and yes, I did watch snippets of the Bomber game!)

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Anonymous said...

I hate how unproductive days can turn to dreading the next day because you still have so much to do and that day already had its own to do list. Blah is right. And blah that the Bombers lost. And blah to day 3.