Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 26 - Santa Claus

It was a great day today. I went to school to watch Spencer in a class play, I felt productive at work, took Neve to a successful appointment, bought new mugs to go with my new white dishes, took the kids to see Santa and to Boston Pizza for supper. Santa was especially awesome. He spent lots of time with the kids, and even though Chloe said this might be her last visit to Santa (I told her she has to go until she's 18), they all had a lot of fun.

I always like to visit Santa early so we can coordinate our gifts with him. Spencer asked Santa for a lisp, a British accent, a snake, and Lego. Chloe asked for an elephant, Justin Bieber, and duct tape. Santa didn't quite know what to do with that information. Neve was too shy to talk to him at first, but she eventually told him what she wanted (Barbies).

The elves didn't ban my camera like they did last year, so that was nice. (I bought their picture too, which was actually better than most years).
The rest of the evening was good too - Chloe has taken a 24-hour vow of silence (a We Day thing), so it was nice and quiet. I got our front porch Christmas tree up and lit and hope to get the rest of the decorations out in the next few days. Yay, Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I think Spencer looks like a British rock star in the last picture...who could quite possibly have a lisp and pet snake.

Does Chloe plan to duct tape Justin to the elephant and use it as a get away animal in a celebrity kidnapping?

Barbies! Does Neve have a Barbie house? Your dad could make her an awesome one I bet.


Shannon Silvestri said...

Oh Ellen! All your other mugs spontaneously broke?!? That is so so sucky.
Jake says he won't go to Santa this year. :( Maybe you can work on him during carpool.

siobhan said...

ok, did your kids REALLY ask for those things?? your kids are CRAZY PANTS!! that's why i love them so.


Daniel said...

Hmmm, the lisp might be possible - just give him a too-hot cup of hot chocolate, and let him burn the tip of his tongue - that usually results in a bit of a lisp, no? The accent is a bit harder. But not as hard as the elephant and the celeb. Those might involve illegal activities. Gotta love those kids!!

L said...

I'll pass on the lisp tips to Spencer. Maybe not. It's probably a sign they're too old to visit Santa when they start asking for stuff like that.

And yes, Shannon! It was the weirdest thing! Plus my new dishes didn't come with mugs and I gave my old ones away to keep it a matching set. I know, I seem to be straying from my anti-stuff ways. I'm disappointed in myself, yet happy with my new dishes at the same time :)