Friday, November 04, 2011

Day 4 - Friday Food

Keep those suggestions coming! Both Darla and Teresa (in an email) suggested I blog about food, so I'll make Friday my Food day. Like yesterday, this is totally narcissistic, but this girl does it, so I will too. Unfortunately the only meal I remembered to photograph was breakfast, so it's a lame version. I have Cheerios almost every day. Sometimes I have Shreddies. Today I also had a Christmas orange.

The older two kids had no school today, so Neve skipped hers and we picked up Sabrina, Bella & Lexie and went to my parents' for the day. My mom made a delicious turkey casserole, except she called it a chicken casserole so we wouldn't know it was made with leftovers from Thanksgiving (we just had my family Thanksgiving last weekend, so it's not as bad as it sounds). She also made a salad, chicken noodle soup, and I think there was something else that I can't remember.

After lunch, we went to check out the local community sale at the arena; Teresa was there with her Epicure, as well as lots of other home businesses, crafters, bakers, etc. One woman was selling bags made from old jeans, and so my mom helped Chloe whip one up in short order when we got home. I guess the lady would have preferred we buy one from her rather than copy her idea, but that's how it goes. Chloe is very pleased with it.

Things got a bit dicey at supper - we were supposed to go out with friends, but due to various circumstances, we had appetizers at our house instead: taquitos, edamame beans, and Boursin cheese and crackers. Oh, and a few supersonic G & T's. Then us adults left all the kids with Chloe and we went to a concert at the West End Cultural Centre. The guy performing was called Mark Kozeluk and even though I'd never heard of him before, I really enjoyed it. He played guitar and had a great voice and it was a laid back, mellow, fun concert. There were a few people in the crowd that I would have liked to meet in a back alley later (oooh! I'm so tough!), but even that didn't put a damper on it.

And that was the end of my eating day. I may have left out a few afternoon snacks, but I bet that chick who blogs about her food every day does too.

I'll close with a picture of Lexie; she's definitely cute enough to eat. But I didn't.


Daniel said...

That's not a real kid - surely it's a perfect doll!!!!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so the denim bag lady can at least salvage something out of that, if not feed her family.

Anonymous said...

Was the chicken noodle soup really chicken...or turkey???

And please post the jean bag pic. Wait...wear it next Thursday as part of your blogging.


Anonymous said...

Good idea, SL!

And I think you SHOULD eat Lexie. Cute babies are the YUMMIEST!!


Corinna said...

Yes, I definitely want to see the bag! And of course your mom just whipped it up with that.
Lexie = adorable. Love those eyes...