Sunday, November 06, 2011

Day 6 - Lion

It was a cool, windy, rainy day and I somehow managed to spend a lot of it outside. I went for a run in the morning, to the zoo in the afternoon, and on an outdoor excursion with Spencer (I'll write about that another day).
I hadn't been to the zoo for a couple of years, but this week I went twice. My nephew's friend is doing a university research project and needed volunteers. He's doing research on how the lions react to strollers, and I would say they react pretty strongly. The moment the lion could hear the stroller come around the corner, he jumped up and ran towards it. When I stopped by the plexiglass windows, he stood on his hind legs and pawed at the glass the whole time. Sometimes Neve was in the stroller (she was a bit big, but we squeezed her in), sometimes I pushed an empty stroller, and sometimes we went without the stroller. The lion couldn't care less about me and Neve, but the seal-shaped stroller apparently looked delicious to him.
It was pretty fun; if you want to see more, here's a sort of blurry 10-second video I took.


Anonymous said...

That is freaky! That is one big cat with nothing but a sheet of glass between you. I wonder if it reacts that way to different strollers? Slater does that pawing at the window too. The kids will love seeing this, thanks for posting. - Teresa

Anonymous said...

Mental note, don't trick or treat in Africa dressed as a seal. :)

Mental note #2: I'm getting one of those strollers the next time we go to the zoo to test your test-retest validity of your experiment (and to get the lion to paw at the glass and freak my kids out).


siobhan said...

These photos are hilarious!!! I love that you are FREAKED out by birds (shall I remind you of a day at the zoo when I rescued baby Chloe in her run away stroller after mom let go and RAN from a peacock that was yards away?), but you have no problem lining Neve up with an agitated carnivorous cat with yes, nothing but plexiglass between you???

All that being said, I love that lion. He's just a giant kitty!!!


Daniel said...

That is awesome!! Um, yeah, putting my neice in front of a lion?! Children's Aid was clearly not consulted in the planning of this study!!

L said...

I've often wondered how I would react if I had to protect my child from a vulture or raven or eagle (I've thought of many different scenarios). I don't know that my maternal instinct would kick in. But I'd rescue them from a lion any day.

Corinna said...

That's because you're a tiger mom.