Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Day 8 - Can't put down my book

My kids have been obsessed with The Hunger Games series. The books sounded morbid and violent to me, but when I heard their (Christian) school is discussing them at book club, I figured they couldn’t be that bad. I know that trusting the school to make judgements on what’s appropriate for my kids is lazy parenting, but I figure if they black out all the Pokeman and Harry Potter books on the Scholastic book orders with a Sharpie, we’re probably okay.

Anyway, I picked up the first book the other day and I’m hooked. When the kids were reading the second book, they were fighting over it and hiding it from each other and driving me crazy until my niece Tia saved the day and lent us her copy. But now I get it. I can hardly put it down long enough to post this entry. I’m going to make this short.

I’ve been doing okay on my page-a-day photobook, but rather poorly on my Christmas shopping. I bought a few stocking stuffers today though, so I’m counting that. The daily blogging is going better than I expected, thanks to some great suggestions from you. Cousin Carolyn suggested doing some pay-it-forward good deeds; I’ve been mulling it over and looking for opportunities. I did let a car in front of me in traffic today, but that’s not very dramatic. I didn’t yell at my kids today (yet), so I could tell them to pay it forward. I may need to aim a bit higher.

I'm off to read my book. I hope no one hid it on me.


Anonymous said...

Madeline is currently obsessed with that book series too! I was telling not to tell people she's reading them (not the best parenting either) as they seemed highly inappropiate when she shared about the book club tidbit too! LOL. I'll have to start reading them while she's at school.


siobhan said...

A friend of mine just bough these and facebooked how excited she was. I have no idea what these books are about??? Too funny that Harry Potter gets blacked out. Are they really that bad for young Christian minds??? Isn't the BIBLE full of good an evil?? What about all that talk in Revelations??

Anonymous said...

you are right books can be captivating.And siobhan you are also right,some bible stories put on screen would be good child ettertainment.still it pays to be careful what you feed those young minds.that from a wise ageing granparent.

Anonymous said...

oh oh missed one very important word i'm sure you can figure it out !(would not be good)

Stephen said...

I've read interesting things about what JK Rowling was doing in the HP books.

Just random link from google search but check it: