Saturday, December 24, 2011


Thursday was the anniversary of my birth. Thank you to everyone for the birthday cards, texts, emails, and Facebook greetings. Don’t feel bad if you forgot; chances are good that I forgot your birthday too.

These are the good things about my birthday:

  • Dale and the kids made it a special day. The kids all made me cute cards and Chloe gave me a cute heart necklace. Dale gave me a book on Marilyn Monroe and a tripod, which I was very excited about.
  • Going for dim sum at lunch with friends from work
  • Gifts and birthday cards and birthday messages, as mentioned above, plus a little visit from Kristin
  • Picking up the kids from school on their last day before Christmas vacation
  • Going to Sushi Train for dinner. We sat at the counter by the train track and Neve and another girl down the track exchanged notes via train the whole time. The yam tempura was particularly delicious.
  • Lemon pie at home for dessert
  • Walked over to a friend’s house, where four of us girls (if I still qualify as a “girl” at 42) had a great time like we always do.

These are the things I could have done without:

  • Waking up to no heat in the house
  • Having the gas light go on in the van on the way to work. Our gas gauge is not accurate, so I have no trust it in and decided it would waste less time to get gas than to run out of it.
  • My bank card not working when I tried to pay for gas
  • Finding out my bank card was actually my Plum Rewards card
  • Having to leave work right after lunch to meet the Hydro guy, therefore missing our staff Christmas gift exchange
  • The Hydro guy not being able to fix our furnace
  • Having to call another furnace guy who spent three hours trying to fix our furnace. I suspect that was not the favourite part of his day either.
  • Calling more furnace companies to arrange for them to give us quotes the next day.

So to summarize, the pros outweighed the cons. I am thankful for another year of health, happiness, and more wonderful friends and family than I deserve. And my house is now warm - I'll blog about that another day!

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Sorry about your furnace. I bet that is one of the most expensive birthday presents you've ever received. :)

Merry Christmas Young Lady.