Thursday, December 01, 2011

Day 28

Funny how I got a head start on this LMNNWM challenge and yet I'm the only one not finished. It's not fair. It was supposed to be just a November thing, so I could say I'm done, but I feel guilty about the few days I missed.

Today was fun for several reasons. It was the first day of the advent calendars, so the kids were all happy this morning. We have a few Playmobil advent calendars which I rotate each year, even though it's a bit anti-climactic when you already know that Santa is in Box #24. I bought a new one this year - the post office. Playmobil has gotten smart; this one is a different style so I can't re-use it like I do the others. I could put the pieces in the little boxes from one of the other sets, but it's tricky matching the box sizes up with the Playmobil pieces. Anyway, the kids take turns opening it. I wrote their names down on the kitchen calendar so no one forgets whose day it is. I also bought cheap chocolate advent calendars, so they each have a piece of chocolate for breakfast every day in December (don't tell Dale). Not every day - I know there are some calendars with "bonus days" that go right til the end of December, but I feel like that's cheating. I always feel kind of sad after Christmas, so you'd think I'd be happy about extra chocolate but instead, it seems depressing.

Wow. A whole long paragraph about advent calendars. I will continue with the other good things about today.

We got our Christmas tree today. This was actually not that much fun for anyone, because instead of the happy family outing where we walk to the tree lot and pull our tree home on the toboggan and have hot chocolate when we get home, I just stopped at the lot on my way home from work and threw a tree into my van. So when I cheerily announced I had gotten the Christmas tree, the children were not happy. I didn't realize this was such a significant tradition to them. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's not. In the past ten years, we've probably done the aforementioned scenario only two or three times. And even on those rare occasions, I can guarantee someone was complaining about being cold or having to walk so far. They just choose to remember it all Thomas Kinkade-like, which is awesome. I'm not going to set that record straight.

And lastly, Chloe and I went to my niece Tia's piano recital today. It was short and sweet and Christmasy and I had a nice visit with an old friend whose children played in the recital as well. My parents were there too, and we all went to my sister's after and ate cookies and watched home videos and talked. That's what I want to do more of this month - relaxing and talking and eating.

Happy December, everyone!


siobhan said...

That all sounds wonderful! And the last paragraph sounds best of all. I hope you get lots if that this Christmas!


Daniel said...

Once again, I want to come live at your house - chocolate for breakfast?! How much better could it be!?!

Anonymous said...

"all Thomas Kinkade-like"...Ellen, you are so funny.