Saturday, December 03, 2011

Day 29

I feel like I’ve had a really good week. I felt productive and energetic, neither of which happens very often. I dedicated the day today to getting errands done, and I got almost everything on my list crossed off: Rona, drop-off at Salvation Army, Toys R Us, the LC, Zellers, Superstore, the bank, the store right beside the bank who’s name escapes me .. oh – Small Indulgence, and almost every store in the Polo Park Shopping Centre. Neve came home for lunch today, so I even worked around that.

All that being said, I actually only bought a couple of Christmas presents. In fact, I made more work for myself by re-buying the Barbies that I’d already bought Neve. I found them at Toys R Us for significantly less money, so now I have to return the other ones. I hate when that happens, but they were almost half the price. Oh well, since it’s still early in December, I didn’t feel too stressed or rushed so it’s all good. One cashier asked the customer in front of me, “So are you all ready for the holidays?” Hello?! It’s December 2! Is there any person in the world who’s ready for the holidays yet? Maybe she was talking about Thanksgiving. I got that one under control. I noticed Rona wasn’t quite ready for the holidays either – they had the song “Highway to Hell” playing in the store. I actually never realized that Rona played music over the intercom. But they do. And apparently a 45-year-old heavy metal fan is in charge of the music.

Dale & I just got home from my work Christmas party. We got picked up by a limo service, though unfortunately it was a mini-bus and not a stretch limousine. Chloe thought it was a Fed Ex truck but when it just stayed parked in front of our house, I realized it was our ride. The party was a lovely affair at the Delta. The main party was in a hospitality suite, with a delicious turkey dinner at the Blaze restaurant. It was a lot of fun; a little too much fun for some people. Thank goodness there was no photocopier.

While we were out, the Christmas tree fell down and all the water spilled everywhere. It leaked through the floor and was pouring down into the basement. Luckily our neighbour came over and helped Chloe deal with it all. You’re a star, Karen. We hadn’t started decorating it yet, which was also lucky. When we got home, Dale sawed off the bottom branches while I held up the tree so now it’s nice and solid and tied to a hook in the wall. Our good clothes are all covered in sap and pine needles. I know you artificial tree lovers are smirking right now. But does your house smell like you live in a forest?


Daniel said...

It wasn't even the jazz version of Highway to Hell?!
Sorry about your tree, but thank goodness you've got that over with.

Rose said...

I would do the same thing - if I had already bought something and then found it on sale elsewhere, I'd return the first item. Rather have the extra money in my pocket than theirs!

Anonymous said...

Poor Chloe! One year our tree fell onto the tv while Steve was watching a hockey game. He told me to get out of the way as I was frantically trying to stop the tidal wave of water from pouring down our vent and into the electric outlet ON THE FLOOR (which the said tv was plugged into) because he was trying to watch a goal replay. Ahem.


siobhan said...

This post started out so hunky dorey, there was no forewarning of the disaster ahead!! And you sailed right on through the disaster! Amazing!!

siobhan said...

hahahahahahah, sheri-lee!!!