Saturday, December 03, 2011

Day 30 - The End

I had one goal today: to decorate the tree and house for Christmas. The bad news is I didn't reach my goal. The good news is that despite that - or probably because of that - it was another stellar day. December's been a good month so far.

I went to Corinna's craft sale and sipped on hot apple cider while I browsed. I got some cute things - I'm particularly excited about the banner I bought - well, not exactly a banner; it's little triangular flags all strung together like a garland. I can't describe it properly - look at the picture on Facebook. I like to put up streamers on birthdays and other special days, but from now on, I'm going to use this.

My friend Kristin came to the sale with me, so when we got home, we sat and talked and crocheted while the kids played. My neighbour and her daughter joined us for a drink later, plus Bella hung out with this afternoon, so it was a fun, busy household. In the past, the half-opened boxes of Christmas decor all over my living room would have hindered my ability to relax and enjoy the afternoon, but it didn't today. I'm not sure if plummeting standards are a good thing or a very bad thing. But I like it.

For dinner tonight, we went to friends' house for a delicious steak BBQ. We had a great night and I fulfilled my goal of eating, relaxing and talking. The decorating can wait for another day.

And that concludes my 30 day challenge. It's been fun and I'll be back. But not tomorrow.


Daniel said...

Ok, I've looked everywhere on Facebook, and I can't see your pennants.

Glad to hear you're relaxing and enjoying your December!

L said...

Oops, I forgot the link - I just added it now. Scroll down a bit - they call them buntings.

Corinna said...

I'm so glad you like them! I like having them for parties too...I made a crazy long one a few years back that we've used a few times. I'm thinking of making a Christmas one, but we'll see. Sometimes I wonder if I go overboard, covering my house in fabric.

Daniel said...

That comment is a little too "out there" even for Stephen!