Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Neve was so excited when she saw the sky today that she made me go outside and take a picture. It was quite beautiful and a nice start to the day. Neve gets excited about a lot of things. The other morning I woke up to her exclaiming, "WOW! That is SO beautiful! Where did it come from?" She was talking to Dale in the kitchen about a new Christmas Kleenex box I had bought the night before. She ran straight to my room and asked if she could keep the box when the Kleenexes were all gone. I said no. Just kidding, I said yes, now let me go back to sleep.

I am officially done my Christmas shopping. Well... I actually still have to get a Tim Horton's gift card, but that hardly counts. But no more stores for me, and not a moment to soon. It is a blessing to everyone that I don't have a smart phone to tweet or post facebook statuses with because the last week or so I would have been complaining non-stop about long line-ups, unfriendly and incompetent staff, or my latest pet peeve, poor signage about sales or prices. Today at Sears, some items were marked 30% off, but there were no prices on the items whatsoever. 30% off is great, but 30% off what? When I took it to the sales desk to ask what the price was, the grouchy lady said, "Well, whatever they're scanning at is the price they'll be." So helpful. I did try to be friendly and sympathetic to the sales people everywhere; I bet they don't look forward to work this time of year.

Several stores did make me happy though. I'm thinking particularly about Rocky Mountain Soap Company. I always buy their pumpkin soap in winter because it helps with the kids' dry skin. Since I'm registered in their system, I got an email telling me to come in for a free bar of soap during my birthday month. I thought it might be just a sample size, but since I was at the mall tonight, I went to check it out. Not only was it a full size bar, you could choose what kind you wanted. I know Sephora and Starbucks have free birthday gifts too - I love that. It makes me feel very warm and loving towards them.

So it was a good day - shopping done, volunteering in Spencer's class this morning, and a delicious lunch at Shannon's (check out her blog for some organizing inspiration - or better yet, hire her to help). I also helped Chloe make cake pops to give to her friends at school, and Neve hosted a Snowflake party in her room that involved dancing and halloween candy (WHY is that still around??) and spiralled into a candy-throwing fight. Good times.

Neve's new favourite past time - playing Webkinz with her friend Anna while talking on the phone to her. Usually she has the phone on speaker; yesterday Neve brought the phone to the table at mealtime and was planning to keep Anna on the line while she ate until I made her hang up. Today I overheard Anna say she had to go to the bathroom and then after several minutes, she came back. It was nice she didn't take the phone with her; she's a lot more considerate than the people you see in public washrooms talking on their cell phones.

I'm off to bed now and very much looking forward to waking up to a shopping-free day tomorrow. I wish the same for you.


Anonymous said...

The angle of the shot in the kitchen makes it look huge. :)

No wonder I can't get a hold of you by phone with Neve playing webkinz with Anna all the time. :P Just kidding.

Merry Christmas Kornelsens.

Stephen said...

Rant time!

I do feel for retail employees. Sometimes I feel a great deal of anger for them. I don't know what's happening to our retail stores but, since I rarely make an appearance in them, I've recently sensed a great deal of either apathy or anger from the employees.

I went to Staples a few weeks ago to print something from a FlashDrive (USB). They were closing in an hour but said they'd print my stuff so they ushered me to the back where I could put my flash drive in the USB slot and upload my files. No go. Windows XP just like mine. The girl there couldn't care less. She was almost gleeful that it wasn't working ("Less work for meeee!" I heard in her tone of voice). Anyway, so I went looking around the store with my dad. We encountered no signage, wrong signage, out-of-date software on the latest devices (ipad 2s, for example - but not just out of date, multiple versions out of date, like 200+ features worth), demo cameras with batteries that were dead with the employee unhelpfully trying to find the power button for 5 minutes, video games regular $60 on clearance prices of $50, another employee who outright bluffed their inaccurate knowledge on ps3s and xbox360s, etc. By the end of that visit, I was totally depressed with the state of retail and don't find it at all surprising more people are shopping online for better deals, and sadly, better service.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Rocky Mountain Soap Co!!! They are my go to store for great gifts. And, yup! I also got a full bar of soap last month!

So glad you are in relax mode now. Have a fabulous Christmas!!!!