Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Furnace

I’ve been taking a break from all my usual things: work, blogging, exercising, eating in moderation, cleaning, laundry, showering, personal grooming, and supervising my children. It’s been awesome. I know I have to re-enter civilization eventually, so I thought I’d start with blogging. I have a lot to catch up on, so I’ll aim for a few smaller posts rather than everything at once. By “a lot,” I don’t mean anything particularly exciting, just the usual Christmas festivities.

As I mentioned in the last post, we woke up to no heat last Thursday morning. After the professionals were unable to revive our 19-year-old furnace, it was removed from life support and laid to rest. We (Dale) freaked out at first, but it all worked out as smoothly as possible under the circumstances. We got a couple of quotes on Friday and went with a company who was not the cheapest, but who did all the paperwork for us regarding rebates and financing through Hydro, etc. Most importantly, they could install the furnace for us on Christmas Eve. Even though the weather was (and still is) very mild, it was nice to get it all done before the holidays.

Friday was a crazy day; it was the kids’ first day off school, and three families were coming over for dinner so I was trying to cook and clean between furnace quotes. Things were a little intense, especially when I stabbed Spencer’s balloon with a knife because it kept floating into the kitchen. He steered clear of me after that. As he should. Luckily my mother-in-law appeared in the midst of it all and drove the kids to a friend’s house for the afternoon.

It all worked out in the end and we had a great time that night. Because it was so mild and because there were so many bodies in the house, no one could even tell we had no heat. The next morning the furnace guys came to put in the furnace and by the time we got back from our annual Christmas Eve sleigh ride at Birds Hill, it was all done. Well, except for the payments which won’t be done for another five years. Ever since we did our reno, the second floor never heated properly so I was hoping that a new furnace would be more powerful and we’d notice a big difference. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case and our lives haven’t improved at all. Oh well. I’m thankful we have a house and heat and everything we need and then some.


Daniel said...

What a lovely furnace you have! So nicely decorated. Glad that all worked out - but sorry you don't get more heat upstairs.

I can totally relate to the lapsed 'normal' living - I don't know how to get back to my office - hope my bike knows the way.

Anonymous said...

Happy New years Ellen! Glad you're back to blogging!


Corinna said...

What a shiny pretty furnace. Just what every girl wants. :)
It's been all cheese, wine and lethargy around here great. But it made coming up with those resolutions feel like recovering from a month long hangover. Oh well, that's what December is for. I actually thought to do a puzzle exchange with you but never got around to it...I did about three, and that's about all I have, so maybe next year if you'd like we can swap it up, as you're a puzzler too, right?

L said...

Corinna - definitely a puzzler. I'm only on my second one of the holidays so I better step it up. I do have some good ones to share with you if you ever want any.