Sunday, December 18, 2011

Long rambling update

I’ve gone from one blogging extreme to the other – from every day to hardly ever. Well, I guess it could be more extreme. It really hasn’t been that long.

With less than a week until Christmas, things have been busy. On Thursday, someone I work with had a connection to two Jets tickets (not free, but for substantially less than face value), so Dale & I went. We were supposed to go Christmas shopping since my sister picked the kids up right from school and went to my parents’ for the evening, but it was our first chance to go to a game so I couldn’t pass it up. Dale was delighted that he not only got to go to a game, but he was spared from going Christmas shopping. I think he felt like it was a bit of a Christmas miracle. Anyway, the game was fun but I was a bit disappointed that the Jets not only ended their 5 home game winning streak that game, they didn’t even score a goal. They won again yesterday, so apparently I’m not their good luck charm.

On Friday, I was at my Leadership Winnipeg class all day, so the kids went to Grandma’s (the other one) right from school again. Dale & I went to an awesome concert with our neighbours Friday night. A local band called Quinzy (who I’d never heard of before) puts on a Christmas show every year called Quinzmas. It was great fun – very high energy and festive and a good mix of music. We plan on making that an annual thing.

Continuing on with my weekend of arts and culture, I had tickets to the Messiah at the Concert Hall for Saturday night. However, Neve was falling apart because she was tired and she missed me. Between Wednesday night and Saturday morning, I saw her for a total of about one hour before school. Chloe put the kids to bed two nights in a row and she wasn’t feeling great, so I felt like we should stay home. My mother-in-law had tried to get tickets but it was sold out, so she was more than happy to take them. So it was a relaxed day. Dale worked all day, so I took the kids to their church concert practice and Neve’s gymnastics party. Spencer also had his fencing Christmas party, but we couldn’t fit it in. I also spent a fair amount of time helping Chloe with her Egyptian death mask homework, wrapping presents, baking and cleaning. My neighbour came over for happy hour, and then we went to the little Christmas train out near the park. It was a beautiful, mild evening and all the Christmas lights are amazing. I just wish the old guys working there didn’t make us feel like they hated us. I remembered their surliness from the last time we went three years ago, and it hasn’t gotten any better. I expect in a few years they’ll be blatantly swearing at people and forcefully pushing them to the ground if they don’t get out the train on the correct side. We met friends there and we all went to our house after for apple cider and Christmas goodies. I’m taking a break from counting carbs until mid-January.

Today was a relaxed day – more wrapping, some crocheting, and even a nap. Dale went to the mall, which I thought was insane. He said he just picked empty stores to shop in, so I’m guessing we’re all getting gifts from Hakim Optical this year. Oh well, they have nice things.

The kids had their concert at church tonight – Spencer had a speaking role and Neve was an angel. She chose her role based strictly on wardrobe. Yesterday her friend Anna told her she was wearing making and sparkly hair spray, so that’s what Neve was fixated on all day. I believe the tidings of great joy may have been less important to her than eye shadow and sparkly hair. Must work on that.

And the week ahead brings some shopping, cleaning, and hopefully some time to relax and read some Christmas books or watch some Christmas shows with the kids. It’s on the late side for online shopping, so I’ll have to strategically plan my shopping trips to keep the chaos to a minimum. I’m dreading some returns I have to do at Zellers and Toys R Us – if I ran those stores, I would do things differently. The problem with going to the stores the last week before Christmas is that everything is on sale, so I buy more and/or I see things I’ve already bought for a fraction of the cost I paid.

Sorry, this long update was far from riveting. I’m sorry for taking up prime December minutes. Have a great week; hope it’s calm and happy.

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Daniel said...

I like the festive blog look!

Had a listen to Quinzy - sounds like they'd be a great show - glad you enjoyed it!

Ah, actresses - they're all about the glamour.