Thursday, January 05, 2012

Forgetful tooth fairies need not apply

Each day sort of runs into the next these days. Luckily I checked the calendar and realized today was Thursday so I got up three hours earlier than I usually do, put on some lipstick and a skirt (and a few more things) and went to work. It was so nice to get out of the house and into civilization again. And now I’m ready for a few more days of nothing. I need to finish puzzle #3, do some more reading and watch a few more movies. Mine and Dale's goal was to watch a movie every night this week. We are succeeding. The trick is to set attainable goals.

With the unprecedented spring-like temperatures we've been having, I might even attempt an outdoor run tomorrow. It would be shame not to take advantage of it; however, in the morning I'll probably talk myself into believing that it would be shame not to take advantage of extra sleep, so we'll see who wins the fight between good and evil.

Neve lost two teeth over the holidays. One came out on Christmas Day and the other on New Years Eve. The first one had been wiggly for a long time and it finally got to the point where it was hanging by a thread - a bloody, vessely thread. I’ve learned the hard way not to try to pull out a tooth before it’s ready. That is fun for no one. Luckily this one was ready and came out easily. I didn’t even know the second tooth was loose until it came out when Neve was eating Toblerone. The good part was that she gave me the rest of her piece of chocolate. The bad part was that the tooth fairy forgot to visit that night. The next morning, she came downstairs sobbing with disappointment and didn’t get over it all day. That night she wrote two notes for the tooth fairy. One said, “You missed my house last night.” I told her that probably wasn’t necessary, but she felt the tooth fairy should know. This was the other one:

"Since you've done so much work, I want you to have a dime."

The tooth fairy felt so guilty about forgetting to come the first night that she paid Neve double the usual rate for her tooth. Luckily that dime helped recoup some of the extra cost.

I used the word 'luckily' three times in this post. Four now. If I had a special little symbol like Steve, I would have put that in the mouse-over. (Am I using 'mouse-over' correctly?)


Daniel said...

Oh Neve, you're too adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! i had some major catching up to do!!! But it was kinda fun this way - like I got to spend a whole week with you. We LOVE sloth like holidays. We barely left the house and watched a LOT of movies/tv series.