Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The holidays

I look forward all year to the week between Christmas and New Years. I love wearing sweats and doing puzzles and watching movies and reading and never looking at the clock. However, in the past, sometimes I’ve felt a little sloth-like (I know - hard to believe!) so I threw in a little decorating project this year. We’d been promising Chloe a new room since last Christmas, so we finally made it happen. Well, it hasn’t all happened yet, but we’re making progress. So far, we’ve painted, put up new curtains, put up a chandelier, and bought a new bookcase. It looks good and Chloe’s really happy with it.

Also this past week, we went to my brother-in-law Bob’s 50th birthday party, which was good fun. Especially because someone turning 50 makes me feel so young. On Friday, between going to Pine Ridge Hollow for breakfast with Blake and Kristin, and to Star Grill for dinner with Mike and Darla, we spent the afternoon spending our gift cards. We started out at W.K. Chan Jewellers, where Neve had a $50 gift card that she won from Hot 103. I had warned her that she wouldn’t be able to get much with $50, but I knew she was fully expecting to get something with diamonds. The unfriendly jewellery lady pointed us towards the sterling silver section and Neve very quickly and decisively chose a silver heart locket on a chain that was on sale. It went a lot better than I thought it might. Neve’s excitement and huge grin did nothing to soften the saleslady’s attitude. I’m trying not to judge; maybe she had a nerve disorder that prevented her from smiling.

Chloe wanted to buy something at Forever XXI with another gift card, but going into that store with our entire family seemed like nightmare material so we moved on to Starbucks, where we all got drinks courtesy of Santa. Then we browsed at Chapters for a while, but Chloe, Spencer and I all decided to save our gift cards for another day since nothing was jumping out at us.

I won a $50 gift card to Eliminator RC from Hot 103 last year, so that was our final stop. It’s an interesting store on Higgins that sells remote controlled vehicles. I never knew there was such a large remote control subculture out there. But there is. That store is insane. Plus they have two large parrots in cages that squawk and talk and wave at people. Dale chose a helicopter that we were aggressively assured was WAY above the quality of those sold at the mall kiosks. Sadly, our helicopter met its demise after an imperfect landing five minutes after the battery was charged. It wasn’t even that rough of a landing, just a minor bump. He took it back to the store but their customer service was very poor and we are dissatisfied customers who won’t be back. Even the mall helicopter Dale bought last year lasted 30 minutes. I hope we have learned our lesson (Dale) and will not be purchasing remote control helicopters in the future, no matter how shiny and fun they look.

But it was fun afternoon anyway, and we still have a stack of gift cards we’re saving for another day, including a Cabela’s one that Spencer won from Hot 103 this year as well. He wants to get a BB gun; I’m encouraging him to put it towards a sleeping bag. I wonder who will win.


Daniel said...

I don't know who Hot 103 is, but I want to get on their gift list!!

I did my best to be comfortable with my sloth-ness this year, and I think I did pretty well. Though it would have been nice to get off the couch and get together with Sio over the break, like we had mentioned doing.

Don't worry Neve - the jewellery sales staff isn't all that excited about serving me either - but at least I'm not shopping for charms.

And, as an antidote to your singing "I love you like a love song", the "peat peat peat" reminded me of the "Pass the meat Pete" comment from years ago. ;-)

Anonymous said...

How DID you win all those Hot 103 gift cards? Do you have inside information?

Sorry, Dale, about the helicopter...but I'll be sure to point this out to Steve.

Tell Spencer, I vote sleeping bag all the way...most BB guns don't shoot straight anyway.


Anonymous said...

Dale should start collecting Helicopters. BB gun for Spencer!!!!!! I never got one when I was little. Still angry. Jim

L said...

I forgot about "pass the meat, Pete." Remember that, Jim?

Hot 103 has a "card for a card" contest every December. If you send them a Christmas card and they read it on the air, they send a $50 gift card from one of their sponsors.

Now I know what to get you for your 40th birthday, Jim. Maybe not; I can only imagine Bella getting a hold of it. She'd probably be good at shooting. :)

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