Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sick germs

I had to take a picture of Neve this morning. She loves getting dressed for school and always plans her outfits in advance. It’s usually a dress, and hair accessories and jewellery are always involved. I thought the glasses were a nice touch today.

So Dale came home this Christmas with an automatic soap dispenser from his work gift exchange. The children were much more delighted about this than I was, so it wasn’t until last weekend that I finally put four (!) AA batteries in it and filled it with soap. Let me tell you, that was an exciting day around here. Never have our hands been so clean. We used every possible excuse to wash our hands, and sometimes we didn’t even bother with an excuse. Even though the soap dispenser doesn’t really fit on the sink ledge and even though it sort of looks like we have a mini coffee maker in our bathroom, I thought it was Worth It if it encourages us to keep our hands sparkling clean.

So I find it very odd that suddenly this week, four out of five of us have been sick with coughs, runny noses, and/or headaches. I am rarely sick and I have to swallow my pride to admit I am. For the most part, I’ve been carrying on as usual - I didn’t go into the office today, but I still worked from home. Last night I even dragged myself to my first zumba class at 8:00 p.m. That was not pretty. And not just because I wasn’t feeling great. But I think it will be lots of fun once I can keep up with the seniors in the class.

Anyway, I thought about getting Spencer to do his science fair project on the effect automatic soap dispensers have on germs, but my head hurts too much to fully think that through.


Anonymous said...

haha! we have one of those at the yoga studio. it's hard to make it stop dispensing and thereby filling the counter with soap, so its a good thing yours hangs over the basin.

sorry to hear there is so much sickness in your house. not fun.


Chloe Brewer said...

Haha! I like the part about it looking like you have a coffee machine in your bathroom! Sorry to hear you have sickness in your house-wish you all a speedy recovery! x

Anonymous said...

Sabrina & I are sick as well, and we NEVER get sick either. Gonna try Dimetapp tonight. JIm