Monday, January 30, 2012

Sh*t six-year-olds say

On our way home from school today, Neve said, “Guess what? There’s a girl in grade three who has a lisp and she didn’t even know she had one until I told her!”

I pray that the grade three girl thinks it’s as awesome as Neve does and that her evening has not been spent in tears with her mother saying, "That grade oner doesn't know what she was talking about."


Anonymous said...

Haha can only imagine how that conversation must have gone....... Jim

Anonymous said...

omg too FUNNY!!!

I miss those "on the way home stories". You've had some really good ones! Like, "Satan? Who's Satan??" And "Nevey, you want to jump out of the car while mommy is driving it really fast?" or some similar Chloe - interpreting - baby - Neve's - babble. And my all time favourite - The Deer Collar.
Oh my, that was a great one!!!


L said...

haha, I miss all the funny things the kids used to say too! They still say funny things sometimes, but I forget to write them down. And the older two are getting to the age where I don't want to embarrass them too much in case any of their friends stumble upon this! If I could write this anonymously, it would be very liberating!!

joan said...

We so enjoy your blog but haven't commented before because I'm not quite sure how this works....However, I keep coming back to this one and laugh out loud every time! How I love that girl!!