Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrating Seven

We had a big party last night for the seven-year-old. We alternate between a friends party and a family party each year for each child; it simplifies things marginally, but it’s still a crazy time of year with all three kids having birthdays in a six week span. In hindsight, Dale & I could have been a bit more careful with our family planning. If I could do it over again, I’d make sure that each of their birthdays fell on warm, sunny, outdoor-party-suitable days.

Unfortunately, the warming trend has not yet made that possible for a February birthday, so we squeezed 30-ish people into our little house. We pretended it was summer and had BBQ’d burgers, salads, chips and veggies, and a beautiful cake for dessert. As usual, my niece Bailey made the cake; every year she takes it up a notch. Neve had asked for a flower cake and this one was classy, yet fun, and Neve loved it. She was thrilled with the whole party. Thanks to everyone who came and made her feel so special. It was a good time. We are so lucky to have lots of family nearby, and also the families of two of Neve’s best friends. The kids just soak up all this love and support and our lives are so much richer because of it. That goes for our more geographically distant family too - we are lucky to have you all. And all our friends and relatives and teachers and letter carrier and strangers on the bus. That’s my message of love for a Monday.

Neve was very worried and fearful this morning because her class was going on a field trip to the zoo. Her anxiety situation has improved a lot, but anything out of the ordinary still stresses her out. I normally discourage her from taking toys to school, but this morning I couldn’t say no when she tearfully asked if she could take her new Barbie (one of the gifts she got) to school to remind her of how much fun she’d had at the party.

That was supposed to be a cheery little wrap-up paragraph that showed what a success the party was, but I guess it sounds kind of sad. The good news is she ended up having a great day at the zoo, so I’ll end on that positive note.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm burgers. Great party! Now it's our turn to have a few bday parties. Jim

Anonymous said...

Aw! I love that she wanted to bring Barbie to remind her of her good day. I think that shows wonderful coping skills actually!

Bailey has a career if she wants it. That cake is gorgeous!!!i I would be so disappointed about cutting into it!


Anonymous said...

Neve look so old in that second last picture. What a sweet little lady. Happy Birthday Neve.