Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart attack

I’m one of those people who get sucked into the commercial hoopla of Valentines day. You can look down on me for the corporate puppet I turn into every February, but in my defence, we do absolutely nothing for Groundhog Day so it all evens out.

I’ve always loved Valentines day because it feels like a happy little red oasis in the middle of a cold, bleak winter month. The children love it too; so much so that they build it up in their heads all year until they remember it way better than it actually was. This year, I got a little stressed about pulling it all off and making it measure up to their expectations. Luckily they seemed happy, and even if they weren’t, it’s comforting to me to know that they are smart enough to pretend they were. My nieces have joined us the past two years, but since they weren’t able to make it today, we’re going to have Valentines Day: The Sequel sometime this weekend. Which is good because spreading it out like that makes putting up all those decorations more worthwhile and I’m pretty happy about having chocolate cake for breakfast twice in one week.

Tonight Dale and I are going out for dinner for the first time in many years. Well, we just went out for dinner on Sunday; I meant on Valentines Day. Usually we just order in and eat dinner once the kids are in bed. So this is a big step for us.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Spread the love…

(If you're not a fan of Valentines Day, the following comic is for you)

from xkcd.com


Daniel said...

I love that comic - why would it not surprise me if you're a fan too?!?

You have the best breakfasts!

Anonymous said...

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