Sunday, March 18, 2012

The nieces

I’m so behind in my blogging. I’m behind in a lot of things – I know my blog header and my facebook profile picture need to move into spring mode. With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, I’ve had a tough time sitting down at my computer unnecessarily. If you’re longing for more consistent blogging, go check out Steve’s daily haiku feature. That guy is good.

So Baby Bella turned four a week or so ago.

Like I said in that post, she’s still a perfect little angel. Oh wait. Chloe was reading this over my shoulder and laughing. Bella may no longer be as perfect as she was when she was freshly born, but she’s way more fun. She’s got energy, attitude and a crazy spark. A few weeks ago, her parents hid all the scissors because she was running with them. The next day she came across a pair of little craft scissors, which she promptly used to cut off almost all her hair. She went from long, beautiful hair to this in no time flat:

She was very upset when she realized her hair was gone, and even more so when she was told Daddy couldn’t tape it back on like she asked.

My adult niece (the one that had a baby last week) is a hairdresser and she fixed Bella’s head. Luckily Bella has an exceptionally cute little face that can pull anything off and her new hair totally suits her.

Anyway, I always say four is the stepping stone from toddler to girl/boy, so she’s officially a real girl now. Like Pinocchio, except different. We’re pretty crazy about that girl.

Going back even further, I never posted about our second round of valentines celebrations. My nieces usually come over on Feb, 14th, but because there were conflicts with work, etc., we rescheduled to Louis Riel Day. Bailey and Tia joined us as usual, as well as Caroline (the foreign student that lives with them), and Bella came for the first time. Everyone slept over the night before and woke up to chocolate cake and treats for breakfast. It was fun and festive and two valentines days are better than one. Maybe we can stretch it into three days next year.

Switching to Dale’s side of the family, my 14-year-old niece Sarah ran a half marathon at Disney World a few weeks ago. Her mom is a marathon runner who probably runs at least a half marathon several times a week and a full marathon at least once a year. Her and Sarah have done some shorter runs together before, but this was Sarah’s first half marathon and she did awesome! Despite an intense schedule in the months before the run practicing for band and choir performances at her school, along with an unplanned trip to Manitoba because of the death of her grandfather (on the other side of the family), and not training as much as she would have liked, she ran it in just over two and half hours. I think that’s amazing and I’m so impressed. Way to go, Sarah!

Continuing with Niece News, Sarah’s sister Amy is finishing high school in Florida and has applied to come to university here next year. Well, not only did she get accepted, they were so impressed with her application and high school marks that they gave her a substantial scholarship that she never even applied for. She’s a bright girl. It will be so nice to have her live just minutes away from us next year.

I could go on; all my nieces are brilliant and talented. The nephews too, but they’re all in their 20s and apparently have better things to do than hang out with their aunt. If you’re reading this, guys, come over for a visit and I’ll write something clever about you. Even on the extremely slim chance they read this, somehow I don’t think that will be an incentive. How about – if you don’t come over to see your auntie, I’ll post embarrassing pictures of you when you were little. Until then, I'll end with a picture of the littlest niece, Lexie. Luckily her big sister hasn't gotten to her with scissors. Yet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for complimenting Steve...he was beginning to wonder if anyone reads his blog. :)

I can't wait to see the embarrassing childhood pictures. Maybe you could go back to the "Dear Photograph" style.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Lots of talent in your family - starting with Bella!! I mean, its a really tricky thing to cut your own hair. Believe me - I've tried!

And running a half marathon in DISNEYWORLD?? How fun is that???

You guys are having CRAZY weather. I'm jealous.


Daniel said...

LOL at Chloe reading over your shoulder! Glad I got to see Bella's cute cut in person. It was funny how she just wouldn't say a word about it, nor even respond in any way to questions about it!
And that pic of Lexie - sooo sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Ya, Bella ain't no angel!! Well shes pretty cute alot of the time, though! Bella loved the Valentines day cake breakfast. She loves you guys ALOT! JIm