Monday, March 05, 2012

Now that was a weekend

This weekend, we made up for all the weekends that we do nothing.

It mostly rotated around my brother Jim’s surprise 40th birthday party on Saturday night. Jim knew Sabrina was planning a party, but she told him it was the following weekend, and didn’t tell him where. My brother Dan decided to surprise him further by flying in from Vancouver for the party. He arrived Friday afternoon, and since my kids were off school, I decided to send some surprise their way, especially since Spencer was very disappointed he couldn’t come to Jim’s party. He hadn’t realized it was an adults-only thing, and was quite stung by the exclusion. So I told the kids we were going on a little field trip to see the new airport. We looked around, got drinks from Tim’s, and sat on the benches and pretended we were going somewhere. When Uncle Dan appeared out of the blue, it was pretty fun. Since Dan only told me he was coming a few days before, I didn’t have to keep the secret very long, but I almost gave it away many times. I can’t imagine how Sabrina kept the whole party a secret from Jim for months! You are my hero!

Friday night, Bob & Janet and the girls came for dinner and then we all went skating at the Forks. Dan hasn’t been to Manitoba in winter for many years, so the snowy evening was perfect.

On Saturday morning, the kids had their usual gymnastics and fencing, plus Chloe and I went for a five mile run (we’re training for the half marathon in June – more on that another time). In the afternoon, Dan and I went to help decorate the lounge where Jim’s party was being held, then back home to change to our rockin’ 80s outfits, and back to the party place. This dress was the dress I made my bridesmaids wear (this one is my sister's). I wish I had a picture of the giant bow on the back. How I thought that was flattering, I do not know. Some day girls will think the same thing about "JUICY" written on the butt of their sweat pants. Don't say I didn't warn you. Yes, you. I'm sorry, bridesmaids. But at least I was right when I said, "You'll be able to wear it again." The waist line cut into my stomach in a painful way, so I brought a change of 80s clothes. Outfit #2 was stretchy pants and a long top - it was so comfortable, I'm glad that style is coming back. I can eat all the peanut buster parfaits I want and no one will know.

Jim thought he was coming to Sabrina’s soccer social, so when he walked through the door and everyone yelled SURPRISE, he looked confused, shocked, and disoriented all rolled into one. He had no clue, so it was very fun. Most people put a lot of effort into their 80s costumes and it was definitely a blast from the past. Lots of neon, legwarmers, mullets, side ponytails, tight acid wash jeans, and heavy metal wear. Good times.

Dale and I ducked out early so we could drop into another 40th birthday party - for my good friend and neighbour Karen. We went in our 80s wear, so that was awesome. I wish I could have eaten and drunk ten times more than I did – the food was awesome at both parties and the company delightful.

And the next morning, we were up at 6:30. We washed the hairspray out of our hair and headed to Holiday Mountain for a day of skiing with the kids (except Neve). It was a gorgeous day – snowy in the morning, but turned sunny at noon – good snow conditions and no lines to wait in. The kids loved it and the improvement from start to finish was amazing. The chair lift only had to stop for Spencer twice this year, so I think we’re almost ready for the mountains. Note to self – if you (I) read this before going skiing next time, remember to bring our own food! We had to wait 40 minutes for our food, which cut into our ski time. Why have I never thought of leaving myself notes here before? Remember to call for a massage appointment. Clip Neve’s nails tomorrow morning so her teacher doesn’t think we’re beggars. I feel my life getting more organized already.

After skiing, we went to hang out at Bob & Jan’s for a bit. Ate too much, played some ping pong, held Lexie. We were all dragging a little, so we didn’t stay too long. But it was great having Dan here. The kids were sad that he left today, but Spencer tried to look on the bright side. “Oh well, it was bonus time that we wouldn’t normally have had with him.” So true. And the 50th birthdays are already starting to happen, so maybe he’ll come around for some of those. :)

Monday morning arrived with a vengeance, especially since I didn’t get to bed until 1:30 because of work I had to catch up on. Spencer needed black shoes for his music festival today, Chloe came downstairs two minutes before we had to leave for school with a birthday party invitation she had just found in her room. She accusingly told me the party was TODAY, like I should have known. I had to get that sorted out (which including buying school supplies to donate to charity in lieu of a gift and dropping them off at the party girl’s house), plus I couldn’t find my bank card anywhere; the last place I had it was while skiing, so I had to make a trip to the bank as well in the middle of a busy work day.

EXHALE. Tomorrow looks more civilized so I think I can pull it together. Although who knows what the morning will bring. I kind of wish I did.


Daniel said...

Great photos, L!!
That really was quite a whirlwind weekend - I'm glad we got to pack in so much good fun! It was so nice to spend the time with you all!

Anonymous said...

Disoriented really sums it up for me!! Thanks for helping out for the totally rad party ,and Dan for coming out!! Totally surprised all around!! Jim