Saturday, March 10, 2012

Productive week

After a busy week at work last week followed by all the action of last weekend, this week was a nice change of pace. I did a few little projects: I organized stuff in the front hall closet, the corner cupboard in the kitchen, and I was inspired by Shannon and Darla to clean out and organize my pantry. It’s amazing how good that made me feel.

There is still a lot going on though. I’m preparing to host four different parties (don’t ask), planning a mini spring break getaway, I have several side work jobs to do this weekend, birthday gifts to buy, and most dauntingly, Spencer’s science fair project looms over me like a black cloud. I set aside tomorrow afternoon for him and I to work on it, and then I realized he’s at a birthday party the entire afternoon (and at fencing in the morning). There goes my Saturday night. And Sunday. And Sunday to Monday night. I’m not happy about losing that time change hour this weekend – we need every minute we can get. This is the part where I use every ounce of self control I possess to not be negative and bitter about the science fair.

In more positive news, I have a new baby relative. My nephew and his wife had a baby this week, which I believe is my great-niece. I always mix up grand-niece and great-niece. I think great sounds better and younger than grand, so we’ll go with that. She is adorable in the pictures I saw, and I’m looking forward to meeting little Nixi in real life.

I think I’ve mentioned before how much Neve loves her stuffed puppy, Jessie. They are in separable except when Neve is at school. Every morning before school, I am instructed to play with Jessie. When Neve gets home, she is very displeased if the dog is in the same spot as she left it because that means I didn’t play with her. I’m always looking for extra ways to fill my day, so this is great. Neve took this picture of her. Notice the real collar and tag Neve/Jessie got for her birthday from her friend Anna – one side has Jessie’s name engraved on it; the other has our phone number.

This is a conversation I overheard today:

Spencer: Neve. If you could choose between me and dad dying, or Jessie getting lost but you could always buy another one just like her, which would you choose?

Long pause.

Neve: Would I have to buy the new Jessie with my own money?

Spencer: Yes.

Neve: I’d choose to keep the old Jessie.

Spencer: So you’d rather have me and Dad dead?

Neve: You and dad? I thought you said Mom & Dad. Then I would definitely choose the old Jessie. Sometimes even when you buy the same stuffed toy, they look a bit different.

While it hurts my pride to know I rank behind a stuffed Webkinz in Neve’s life, I actually think it’s a good sign. I know she’s only joking (I think), but there was a time that being apart from me for longer than a half day at school filled her with great anxiety. The fact that she can pretend differently now tells me she’s come a long way. Her class has started doing intramurals at noon some days, which means Neve stays for lunch even if it’s a home-for-lunch day. I thought this would be an issue for her, but instead, she’s excited about it. I’m so happy and relieved about the whole situation. Thank you, Jessie.


Daniel said...

I'm glad to hear that Neve is making such... progress. But I think I'd start sleeping with one eye open.

Anonymous said...


Oh my gosh - that is TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!

Man, I need to start writing these little gems into scripts. FUNNY STUFF!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow...even Spencer ranked higher than you. :P


Anonymous said...

Funny little Neve ! Those are very intense questions by Spencer. Jim