Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring break has begun

Spring break is upon us. Chloe and Spencer’s last day was today, and Neve finishes tomorrow. I love spring break, but it means the end of the school year is just a blink away. I always get nostalgic this time of year and just want things to stay like they are: I love the ages the kids are at, school is going well for all of them, they each have awesome teachers and friends, and I just want time to slow down. I especially feel it this year with Chloe about to change schools. It’s exciting, yet I don’t feel great about my kids all being in separate schools. The kids don’t love the idea either; Spencer said he wants to go to Neve’s school next year. I’m tempted, but that school only goes to grade six so he’d have to switch schools again the following year. It’s all good; I know we’re lucky to have so many great school choices.

The spring break fun starts tomorrow (I guess today – it’s after midnight) with a Hunger Games matinee. I actually have a knot in my stomach about it because the movie trailer looked so intense. I hope I can handle it. We’re also off to Minneapolis for a few days during the break and are all very much looking forward to that. I have big plans to read and go for walks, maybe even at the same time. Throw in a bit of shopping, watersliding, and eating out, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Last Wednesday was Spencer’s science fair. The angels were celebrating when this thing was over. Somehow the project all came together in the end. It was adequate, though not life-changing. Unless you’re one of those people who think they study better with music. You don’t. Okay fine, maybe you do, but according to his/my research even the people who said they concentrated better with music, actually don’t. Anyway, Spencer had a pretty good grasp of his/my project and I think he had a good day. Now we have a two-year reprieve until the next science fair. Oh, and for of all of my work on this, combined with my incessant complaining, Dale bought me a present (Wii Zumba). I must remember this strategy the next time there's something I want.

We met my new baby great-niece this week. She is the cutest thing ever, but her big (one-year-old) brother was the main attraction for my kids. He was fascinated with Neve’s hair and kept touching her ponytails. She pretended she didn’t like it, but really she did. He loved Spencer too and took him by the hand and led him downstairs to play. Then he came back for Neve. We don’t see him a lot, so that was pretty fun.

I was going to write more, but I'm running out of steam and can't remember what else I was going to say.


Daniel said...

Awwwww, that is adorable about Cruz!! Very cute picture - Neve trying to keep a look of disdain, but failing.

Glad Spencer's project came together - and I'm glad I was able to go against his hypothesis! ;-)

Enjoy your spring break in Minneapolis!

(oooo, prove I'm not a robot, eh? sure hope I don't fail this...)

joan said...

Sooo love the picture of Cruz and Neve!

Pretty awesome science fair project Spencer!

Hoping you had the best time in Minneapolis!