Monday, April 30, 2012

Chloe's Room

This is what we’ve been working on for the past year and a half.  Projects don’t generally progress quickly around here, but this was getting ridiculous.  Adding a full second storey to our house took less time than re-decorating this room.  The upside to a very slow, gradual re-do is that it’s exciting every time any progress is made, so it stretches out the novelty.  The downside, however, is there’s no sudden wow moment.  By this point, it’s mostly whew! instead of wow!   I’ll stop talking and let the pictures do the talking (you should be able to click on each photo to enlarge).  And after that I’ll talk some more for anyone interested in a step-by-step recap.  If you’re not, I won’t be hurt if you go watch YouTube videos or something.

There are still a few areas that need a bit of work (above).  Shannon could do a much better job of making these shelves look pretty and less cluttered, and there is a cord situation that needs streamlining.  At some point in the future, I'd also like to replace the computer desk with a piece of laminate counter top so it looks more built-in.

Another thing I'm not sure about is whether to hang the mirror on the wall or leave it leaning against the wall.  It's partially blocking a vent, so it probably would be better to put it on the wall, but I kind of like it like this.  Any opinions on that? 

As for the Justin Bieber poster, I would have had an easier time convincing her she didn't need a bed.  So he stays. Luckily he fits into the colour scheme.

Chloe wanted a big picture of Paris on the wall above her bed, but we couldn’t find one we liked.  So, thanks to a Pinterest inspiration, I decided to do a frame collage.  I used frames I already had and bought one at Liquidation World and the rest at Dollarama and thrift stores.  For the photos, I used several that my sister took last summer in Europe, the quotes I did myself, and the rest I got off the internet. I could have played around with arranging the photos forever, but I eventually let it go and I’m happy with the result.  I would have liked to have hung them lower, but Chloe often sits on the bed with her back against the wall, so they had to be above head-level.  For the quotes, I wanted to use good moral messages that would be drilled into her like Children Obey Your Parents, etc., but I resisted.  The elephant quote is in honour of her love for elephants.  I did make a print of a quote for her bulletin board that I'm hoping sinks into her subconscious.

My friend Kristin gave me the mirrored tray below.  It fits in perfectly, and a great place to capture Chloe's dresser clutter.  I am planning to hang a jewellery organizer inside Chloe's closet door and de-clutter this situation.  I was hoping to hang just a couple of pretty necklaces on this one and put it on one of the white shelves by her desk, but it's just a bit too tall to fit.

And here's a little more Justin ... the first thing she sees in the morning and the last thing she sees at night.  Help.

And here's another look at the finished product.

To further bore you, let me boast about how (relatively) little this project cost. Doing this over time ... lots of time ... brought the cost way down.  I took my time and shopped around, bought things at thrift stores, and used things we already had.  I originally really wanted to buy her a new bed, but we ended up using her old one.  Dale took off the headboard and footboard and built a platform, and I bought new handles and painted it. The things we did buy were:

Mirror:  $79
Bookshelf (she had one already): $50 (that’s an estimate; we bought it a while ago so I don't remember)
Chandelier:  $60 (bought this for Chloe for Christmas two Christmases ago)
Clock:  $30 (also a Christmas present)
Curtains: $30
Curtains for around bed: $30
Paint: $60
Lamp: $20
Picture frames: $20
Printing the photos: $17 (could have been $7 if I had done it at Superstore, but I like the quality of Blacks)
Bulletin board:  $20
The C on her door:  $3
The purple baskets:  $30
Handles, hooks, closet door knobs:  $20
Pillows/pillow covers:  $20

As mentioned, I don't remember the exact prices of some things since they were bought so long ago, and I'm sure I've probably missed a few things, but the total is less than $500.  That may not sound particularly cheap, but spread that out over 18 months and it comes to $27 a month.  Furthermore, the bed I really wanted to buy was $449, not counting mattresses or shipping.  So I feel like we did okay.

And that ends that chapter of my life.  Except for the little things I still need to take care of.  It's a long chapter.  But so Worth It.  Chloe loves it and I can only hope she'll demonstrate that love by keeping her room clean.  Right, Chloe?  Right?


Anonymous said...

Oh! Chloe's room is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love it!!! the coloyrs, the pictures and quotes, JB above the bed - all of it!!!

Nice work, Ellen and Chloe!!! I can't wait to see it in real life!!!!


Ps - can we have a bloggers reunion end of June?

Anonymous said...

It looks totally gorgeous! I like the mirror leaning, too.


Stephen said...

Wow. That's really nice! (I'm not supposed to sound surprised there... if I do...*cough*... look a purple leprachaun!)

I don't know if that timeframe is normal, but it looks "Worth It ™".

Like the frames of pictures/quotes. Neat idea.

And personally, mirrors disorient me when they're askew, so I would hang it but... then I might not be able to see my outfit well enough...?

Have fun with the project over the next 18 months :)

Anonymous said...

That looks really awesome!! Nice work!! She will enjoy it for many years(hopefully) Then Spencer can move into it. JIm
(Nice pics from Lexie's party, could you send us some more, please? We did a bunch of video, so our pics are kind of weak. And yours are much better anyway.) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow. Very cool. I like the look of this bed redone more than the original day bed you had picked out. I had a purple room when I was 12 until I moved away from home. And, when we moved to this house, the master bedroom was purple too...tee hee.

If I was cool enough, I would like to hang out in Chloe's room...alas...I'm not cool enough.


Shannon Silvestri said...

Ellen it looks so BEAUTIFUL!! I love it all. Chloe is a very lucky girl.
Dino would like to add into your pricelist:
Justin Bieber: Priceless
Which makes me laugh for some odd reason.


Anonymous said...

Shannon, or more accurately, Dino, you made me snort.

Ellen, can I borrow you to come and help me pick out paint/tiles/accessories for my new bathroom?


Anonymous said...

FYI - finally posting photos of Chloe's room does not mean no more blog posts!! Wait...It's may now. NEVER MIND!!! Get writing!!!


Daniel said...

Sigh. I was getting very comfortable with reading a new post each day. Thanks for the fun, and I look forward to the next month-long theme.

Chloe's room looks great, even with The Bieb gazing down from the ceiling. Nice work! A lot of good things take time to develop.