Sunday, April 01, 2012

Photo of the Day #1

I'm going to try to do this photo-a-day thing for April. I need to take pictures so I don't forget everything I learned in my photography class.

Today's picture is of Neve and her friend looking at a bug on the trampoline. It was a beautiful day and the trampoline put in overtime bouncing the kids and their friends. I was a bit resentful of the hours I spent in the kitchen making cake pops for Chloe and Spencer to bring to school tomorrow for their birthdays, but Dale and I went for a nice bike ride later.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this photo!!!


Rose said...

WHere did you take your photog. course? I am looking for a good one.

L said...

Rose, I took the course at Prairie View Photography, but registered through the Winnipeg Art Gallery website. It was a great course; I learned a lot (but still have much to learn!)

Anonymous said...

Yay to a daily blog post for April!