Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo of the Day #13

We had a fun night with Mike & Darla tonight; I totally meant to take a picture when they were over, but I completely forgot. Instead, you get my freckle-faced gap-toothed girl with a rash under her lower lip. Neve still sucks on her two fingers when she falls asleep at night ... I see braces in our future.

I volunteered in her class at lunch today and when I saw her whole face light up when I walked into her classroom... that's when I knew nine months of pregnancy, many months of interrupted sleep, countless tantrums, the Why stage, the I-do-it-self stage, anxiety issues, etc., etc. ... SO Worth It. I'm as crazy about that girl as she is about me.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is so sweet, Ellen!! Those little simple moments are what life is all about really. And oh! how I remember Chloe's "self" stage!!


Daniel said...

Aww, that is wonderful - both the photo, and your words of love! I really enjoy hearing you talk about your children like that!

Anonymous said...

That's a great smile. I love those freckles. :)