Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photo of the Day #14

We had Spencer's birthday party at Mordens Chocolate today. Chloe had her 10th birthday party there and it was the best party we've ever done. I couldn't wait for Spencer's party because I knew it was going to be awesome, but then I started worrying that time may have made the memory of Chloe's party more rosy than it really was. I was also concerned that this might not be so perfect for a group of hyper boys, but I needn't have worried about anything. It's such a great place for a party. They give every kid a tub of chocolate and a tray of marshmallows, pretzels, chips, m&m's, gummy candy, etc. and let them go wild with creating whatever they can think of.

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and I heard a couple of kids say it was the best party ever. That's what it's all about - outdoing all the other parties. My work here is done.

Right after the party, Chloe, Neve & I zipped off to a wedding shower for a close co-worker's daughter. It was lovely and the girls got to make the shower hat with the bows and ribbons, so they had a lot of fun with that.

Tonight the neighbour kids were over playing on the trampoline with their cousin who was babysitting them, and Reid, our four-year-old neighbour boy, fell off and broke his arm. I was inside when it happened, but I heard crying and went to check what happened. I took one look at him and took him to the hospital. It was one of those situations where you don't need an x-ray to know it's broken. Reid did so awesome; he stopped crying almost right away and was such a trooper. The triage nurses also just had to take one look before they put a little brace on it and put it in a sling. He didn't cry at all; the only thing he asked me was, "Do I have to get stitches?" I was relieved I could assure him no stitches would be required, but a little concerned about what lay ahead. I left when his parents got to the hospital shortly afterward, but Karen texted me later to tell me his arm had been casted and they have to go back tomorrow for surgery. Poor guy - I feel so bad it happened here, but the one thing that makes me feel a little better was that it didn't happen while the kids were jumping. There was no one jumping at the time; the kids were about to head home and two of the kids had already gotten off, and Reid and Spencer were climbing off as well when Reid slipped and fell off and landed on his elbow.

So that was our day.

PS: One hundred years ago at this moment, the Titanic was going down...


Anonymous said...

Oh so many things to comment on!!!

First - totally yummy party. And I love the photo of Chloe and Neve. the angle of it makes Neve look like a little Keebler Elf.

So sorry the broken arm happened at your house!! Kids will be kids and broken limbs are part and parcel of such but still. It kinds sucks when it happens on your watch.

And how sobering is that thought of the Titanic??? Think of what the morning after brought to those on board the Carpathia...


Anonymous said...

I know that you might not appreciate it so much, but I really love Spencer's hair right now. I almost told him at church, but thought you might be trying to convince him to cut I kept it for blog commenting. :)

Happy Birthday Spencer. What a great party.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Sheri-Lee about Spency's hair!!! And funny, I also refrained from commenting on it so as not to draw unwanted attention!!


Rose said...

The party looks like a great time! Thanks for the idea so I can look like a great party planner one day for one of my kids! I can see it working really well for my guy when he is older. My daughter isn't that big a fan of candy so I guess I'd leave it for her.

Ouch. Sorry about the broken arm. It's happened here too but no trampoline involved; just an old-fashioned jump off the swing by my girl when she was four.

As always, keep writing!

L said...

I'm sure Spencer would appreciate your compliments if I told him. I don't mind it a bit long, but it's getting to the very moppy stage so a haircut apptmt has been made for tomorrow, which he will not be pleased about.