Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photo of the Day #15

Another day, another party. Actually I'm not calling today's get-together a party. It sounds wrong, so instead I'm calling it a remembrance of the Titanic. Some family came over tonight and we had food, a Titanic cake that mirrored reality and fell apart before it was supposed to, a Titanic quiz, a Titanic documentary, and worked on a Titanic jigsaw puzzle. Oh, and we had Titanic ice cubes in our drinks. Probably borderline poor taste, but the Titanic is something I've always been fascinated with and wanted to mark the 100th anniversary.

Spencer paid his respects with the Lego creation above.


Anonymous said...

I can vouch that the titanic ice cubes rocked! I got a little sneak preview on Friday. :)

Now you just need to see the Titanic movie in 3D.

Anonymous said...

I wanna come to your Titanic Party!!! Whaaa!!!

Sad Sio.

Anonymous said...

"Borderline poor taste" made me laugh out loud.


L said...

what - you think Titanic ice cubes aren't respectful?? :) If you saw them, you'd have to admit they're pretty cool. no pun intended.

Sio - would've loved to have you at the party ... yet another reason to move home.

Anonymous said...

It was a very tasteful & memorable(& informative) um ah ...evening. How's the puzzle coming? Is that one thing you feel guilty for not doing? JIm