Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photo of the Day #19

Either no one has missed my absence the last two days, or everyone is too kind to pester me.  I'll assume it's the latter and that all of you have a giant hole in your lives from my lack of posting.  I'm sure some of you were worried sick about me but were too polite to call or email.  You can exhale now; I'm fine, just had a couple of full days and no time to post.  On the flip side, I should probably be worried about my regular commenters; maybe some ill has befallen them and they assume I'll notice that they're not around.  I hope no one's lying at the bottom of their basement stairs unable to get up or accidentally locked in a closet where no one can hear their cries for help.  Well, I know Sheri-Lee is fine because she just celebrated her birthday, and I saw on Facebook that Siobhan has an excess of open wine bottles, so that's probably her excuse.  Everyone else:  if you don't comment on this post, I'll send a search party. 

Anyway, these pictures were actually taken yesterday at my parents.  The kids had no school, so we spent the afternoon over there.  It was a lovely day and the kids ran around outside most of the time, driving tractors and the re-vamped tillacter, jumping on the trampoline, and playing on the zip line.  The bonus pictures below are from the car graveyard at the back of their yard.

This picture is from a pickup truck that's not as old as the others - I remember my Uncle Jake driving it.  Old vehicles always make me kind of sad.  I think of how excited someone must have been to buy it, when it smelled new and was all clean and fresh and how proud they must have been to drive it off the lot and to show it off.  That's why we never get new vehicles; I don't want to hurt our existing vehicles' feelings.  Well that, and we hate car shopping.


Anonymous said...

I was THIS close to coming to search for you Ellen. I love your b and w's.

Daniel said...

Whew! Good thing I checked your blog when I got to Regina I'll turn around and go back home now.

Ah yes, those sad old vehicles back there. So sad, but so picturesque.

Anonymous said...

I was coming on here this morning to point out that you are several days behind and then - new photos!!! Wahoo!! And, for the record, I was actually becoming a bit concerned. I had to keep thinking if you had mentioned being away this weekend. anyway - here you are!!! Yay!!!

Great photos!! I love old cars. And the abandoned ones tell so many stories.


Anonymous said...

I, too, was giving you 3 days grace before the pestering was to begin. :) I love these pics and I especially love that the keys are still in the ignition in the last pic.

P.S. How did you get so close to those vehicles without worrying that some birds had made a nest in them and were waiting to ambush you?

Anonymous said...

Cool pics. Maybe we could restore Uncle Jake's truck for you, or for Chloe when she gets her drivers... Jim
I dislike proving I'm not a robot!!!!

L said...

Glad to hear everyone's accounted for. Now I can carry on.

S-L - you know the way I think! I banged on the truck first, waited a bit, then proceeded with extreme caution.