Sunday, April 22, 2012

Photo of the Day #20

We went to see Titanic 3D today.  No one else did. 

They ran the movie just for Darla, Madeline, Chloe and I.

Now if only the ship hadn't sunk this time and Jack and Rose could have lived happily ever after.

(Blogger has changed; I don't know how to make my pictures bigger.  Does anyone know?)


Anonymous said...

Haha! That is like when i saw it the first time around. It had been out for over a year and I was in LA and went to see it with my friend and two pals from the hostel we were at. It was the last night it was showing and the theatre was almost empty. The entire world had seen this film except for me - I don't know why I waited so long. Jenn (not the one you know - either of them!) had seen it three times and our hostel pals 2 or 3, I said out loud - "I bet I'm the only one in this theatre who hasn't seen this." The woman in front of us said "I haven't." We bonded for a brief moment. There was also a cat (yes, a CAT - apparently he liked to sneak in and eat the popcorn off the floor) in the theatre who would meow at the most inopportune moments - like when Jack was drowning. I guess it was as stressful for the cat as it was for the humans.


Daniel said...

I've heard of (and met) store cats before, but never a theatre cat! Cool!

That's awesome that they still played Titanic for just 4 people - and nice that there were no ringing cell phones and rude people - or am I making assumptions? ;-)

As for the photo size, in the editor, can you not just click on the photo, and get a choice of sizes (small, medium, large, XL, original)? Don't you just love how the keep 'streamlining' the interface? Thanks, but it was pretty streamlined before.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person in the world who didn't like the movie Titanic?


Stephen said...

Yes Sheri-Lee. Yes. Everything was completely realistic and dramatically intense. You probably didn't even like the "aliens attack" scene in the old jalopy.

Anonymous said...

I lOVE this pic! So artsy and what a fun memory for Maddie and me. Just so happy we didn't go to the theater an hour early to ensure we got tickets! :)