Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo of the Day #21

My theme this week was going to be "signs of spring."  But then I looked at Dan's blog and saw things we can only dream about in this part of the country.  My "signs of spring" would look like Vancouver's "signs of the winter when the mountains disappeared."  I thought of all the damage that could do to my Move Back to Winnipeg, Siobhan campaign so I had to abandon that theme.

But since I had already taken this picture towards the end of today's daylight hours, I had nothing else to offer.  It's not very obvious, but the connection to spring was supposed to be kids playing outside ... Neve arranging skipping ropes into a distress signal (the Titanic obsession is still in full swing over here), etc..  I needed a new theme that could still apply to this photo.  Therefore, this week's theme is .... Letters.  Sorry, the creativity is not exactly dripping from my veins.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

OOO...but you'll find some neat letters out to there to take pics of.


Daniel said...

Hmph, don't let me keep you from enjoying the signs of spring! I do like the letters theme though - should be interesting!