Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photo of the Day #22

Last week I mentioned my neighbour boy breaking his arm on our trampoline.  At this time, I'd like to again stress that he was not actually jumping on the trampoline at the time, but climbing down from it.  Save your trampoline hate-mail for the next injury.  (I'm pretending I'm a famous blogger who actually gets hate-mail.)

The boy continues to handle the broken arm situation as well as he did when it first happened.   It's his right arm, so it's got to be frustrating sometimes, but he literally never complains about the cast; in fact, he doesn't even mention it.  He just carries on like normal.  He is one tough kid.

In keeping with this week's theme, here are some of the words in a thank you note our neighbours gave us (what - don't you get thank you notes and a big box of Cookies by George from parents whose children have broken a bone on your recreational equipment?  If there was a Who Has the Best Neighbours Ever contest, we would surely win.). 

I laughed so hard when I read this; obviously his fall, trip to the hospital, having surgery to get pins put in his elbow to attach a piece of bone that chipped off, follow-up doctor visits, and all that results of it (like missing out on the hockey program he had just started) has caused no hard feelings towards the trampoline. Or us.  We love you too, Reid!

Speaking of funny boys, Spencer is often concerned with Neve's TV watching.  He strongly believes she should only be allowed to watch TreeHouse and Phineus & Ferb because he thinks some of the shows she watches on Family Channel are reflected in her attitude.  He has a valid point, but it's difficult to enforce when he and Chloe are watching these shows in front of Neve.  I believe he'd like me to provide alternate entertainment for her during this time by doing a craft with her or something, but this is usually during witching hour, so I'll take attitude over fingerpainting.  I'm getting off topic; I was just trying to show that Spencer puts much thought into monitoring TV watching.  On the way home from school today, he said, in all seriousness, "I think I've been watching too much Storage Wars.  I auctioned off my cookie at lunch today."


Daniel said...

That Spencer is awesome!

Anonymous said...

If it was one of your chocolate chip cookies, I bet he got a good price.


Anonymous said...

Oh my WORD. Are you freaking KIDDING me?? The card? Spencer? And I can't even laugh out loud as I am at Starbucks and I just got The Fatness to sleep in the stroller.

Way too funny.


Anonymous said...

Good job Spencer! I guess that depends what he got.... Jim