Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo of the Day #27

We went to my niece Lexie's first birthday party today.  She is such a sweet little person.  She's as cute as a button too, just like her big sister.  She's easygoing and content, especially when there are things to climb.  When I looked after her and her sister for a few hours on Friday, she climbed up onto the kids table in the playroom, using a chair as a step.  And she's drawn to the stairs like they're a magnetic force that she can't resist.  Although it doesn't look like she's trying very hard to resist.  

This above pic is not in proper focus, but you can see the awesome cake my niece Bailey made.  Lexie seemed impressed.

I love this picture of Chloe and my nephew and nieces and my cousin's daughter.  Those kids have a lot of fun together and I feel so lucky to have family that makes our lives fuller and happier.  Thanks for the great party, Jim & Sabrina & Bella.  And happy birthday, Lexie - we love you!

(Good progress in Chloe's room this weekend.  Now I just need her to tidy it up and pictures will be posted tomorrow.)


Daniel said...

What a little doll!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a spectacular cake!

Can't wait for the room reveal.