Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Photo of the Day #3

Spencer came into this world eleven years ago today. He was such a good, content baby - he cried the least of our three babies. When he was a few months old, he developed a bump below his eye that kept growing. It got so big that his eye was almost swollen shut and strangers kept commenting on his shiner. We had to go to different specialists who poked and prodded him, but baby Spencer was always easygoing about it. They did an ultrasound on his eye when he was about three months old and not only did he cooperate nicely, he actually fell asleep while they were doing it. After a month or two, the growth miraculously started to shrink, but the point of that story was to show how easy of a baby he was.

He's even easier today. We haven't had to spoon-feed him or change his diaper for quite a while now. He loves to laugh, he's fascinated with history and geography, and he's a deep thinker. I'm often surprised by the things he knows and thinks about - definitely not things I thought of when I was his age. He loves the trampoline, video games, and above all, reading. The boy is rarely seen without a book. I'm loving the interesting kid he is turning into, and the conversations we have. He's a fun kid to have around.

I think Spencer had a good day today, though it certainly wasn't perfect. Dale and I had a tough time trying to think of what to get him for his birthday. He still loves Lego, but is not as obsessed with it as he has been. He has enough video games (in my opinion), and he's not into sports. Then we thought of a bike, because his old bike was too small for him last year already. The only glitch is that he doesn't really love to bike. When I suggest going for a bike ride, he reacts about the same way as if I'd told him to put on a dress and skip to the mall with me to shop for clothes. But I thought if we got him a really high-end cool trick bike, he'd be thrilled and fall in love with biking. Luckily we settled for the Canadian Tire special instead of a really high-end cool trick bike, because he didn't even look at it long enough to see if it was cool or not. We had to coax him to take it for a little ride on the sidewalk. He insisted he was happy with it, but I know it wasn't his best present ever.

Spencer took cake pops to school for his class, but we somehow underestimated the amount and since every single kid in his class was there today, he didn't even get one. And when I went to pick him up from school today, he couldn't find me and had wandered around for 10 minutes before finding me.

I had promised the kids I'd take them to see the Circus exhibit at the museum right after school, but I found out it closed at 4:00. Dale had forgotten it was Spencer's birthday today and had clients booked until 7:00, so I took the kids to Montana's for dinner. That was good, but Spencer and Chloe both brought books and read the whole time, instead of having happy, fun conversations like I had pictured in my head.

The grandparents came over afterward for ice cream cake. My parents just got back last night after being in Florida for three months, so it was nice to see them. I feel sorry for Spencer: by the time his birthday comes around, I'm weary. Plus I'm chubby from all the cake. And we still have his friends birthday party coming up in two weeks. Maybe I'll be refreshed and re-engerized by then. If Future Spencer is reading this: I'm sorry for complaining about birthdays. You're still special, I love you, and you're Worth It!

We should have a photo caption contest for this. I can only imagine what thoughts were going on in his head.


Stephen said...

Congratulations Spencer!
(And good job Ellen on the daily blog thingy)

Sorry, I can't think of any captions.

Anonymous said...

Caption: "There's no water bottle slot to put my book in."

Happy Birthday Spencer.


Corinna said...

Nice one Sheri-Lee. :)
I think I detect a bit of a smile...you're a good mom Ellen, and always know how to make people feel special, even if it doesn't all turn out like you envision. And what a tribute to who Spencer is, that he gave all the cake pops away, on his birthday, without making someone else go without (where were the nice kids making sure HE got one though?!?) and not letting on too much that the present maybe wasn't his first pick.
Happy Birthday Spencer!