Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Photo of the Day #4

It was a gorgeous day in Winnipeg today. I was thinking if only Siobhan lived here, I would go to her yoga class and then buy her a treat at Starbucks. We'd sit and talk and laugh for hours, then we'd go to my house where I would bake her chocolate chip cookies before heading to the Irish Centre for a pint.

But alas, she does not live here, so I had lunch with Neve on the front porch and felt the warm sun on my face. After school, the kids biked and played and jumped on the trampoline and after dinner, Chloe and I went for an awesome run. Life is awesome in Winnipeg.

Shannon's got a new series happening on her blog. Every week, she's planning to feature two little cleaning/organizing projects that are quick and easy for others to do too. She's doing a contest too - if you comment on her blog, she'll enter you in a draw for a $25 Homesense gift card.

This week's project involved cleaning up the winter outerwear (scroll down to her second post from the top for Part 1), which is something I very much needed to do. I actually took my 'before' picture in February because that's when I started organizing the top shelf because I was tired of having things fall on my head when I was trying to reach them.

It feels so good and clean and only took about half an hour. I even vacuumed and wiped down the shoe rack and floor. Everyone in the family has space for a couple pairs of shoes by our back entrance, but somehow there are always shoes everywhere, so I put a basket of extra flip flops and sandals in here. Thanks for making our lives happier and less cluttered, Shannon!


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahah!!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Happy belated birthday, Spencer by the way!

Way to go on the closet! I am on another decluttering kick myself.


Shannon Silvestri said...

You RULE LE! It looks fantastic.

So interesting how your floor looks a different colour!


Anonymous said...

One pic with natural light and one with flash?

Shannon...I'm getting organized too. :)


Anonymous said...

I bet it's photo shopped. Ellen didn't organise that closet at all!!!