Friday, April 06, 2012

Photo of the Day #6

We went to the circus exhibit at the Manitoba Museum this morning. It was our last chance since the exhibit ends on Sunday, and I'm glad we went. We had the place basically to ourselves, so the kids could do the tightrope and the acrobat-bungee (giant jolly jumper) thing right away.

When we got there, Chloe suddenly realized the dress she was wearing was not optimum for tightrope walking and flipping upside down. So her and I went to the bathroom where she put on my jeans (for some strange reason, she happened to have a hoodie in her purse) and I wore her dress. She asked the front desk for a safety pin to tighten the waist of the jeans, and she was good to go. I was stuck in a cute, but very short little summer dress.

At the tightrope, we discovered they had shiny red gym shorts available for people in similar wardrobe situations to slip on under their dress. Since there was no lineup, I decided to try the tightrope as well, so I slipped on the shorts rather than change back into my jeans. That was an unpleasant sight - me in a short dress with bright red shorts, with a harness strapped all around me. The shorts were small, so when I took them off after, I had to be very careful to pull down only the shorts and not my underwear. It was all very awkward, but very fun and Worth It.


Daniel said...

I'm sure you would have posted a pic of you in your outfit, but you don't allow the kids to touch your nice new camera, right?

Anonymous said...

Haha Dan! I read this out loud to Derrick and he said 'Are there pictures?" Boys are so mean.

That looks like SO much fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ellen this made me laugh. You are so awesome. I think it's crazy that you and Chloe can exchange clothes--crazy because Chloe is old enough to do it not because you would not fit her clothes...oh shoot...this is getting worse as I explain. And I too would like to see you in that cute dress (and those shorts). :)