Saturday, April 07, 2012

Photo of the Day #7

I have done poorly at narrowing it down to just one photo so far. I took about 150 pictures today at my parents, so really I did okay by not choosing more.

Every year, my mom makes the kids little Easter baskets of grass (actually wheat), and every year we take pictures of them all. No matter how many pictures are taken, there is never a perfect one with everyone looking at the camera. I love the chaos and happiness of the whole situation and I feel so lucky to have family to share it with. Our close family friends/siblings, Maurizio & Patricia, came from Edmonton with their little boy Luca, which was so awesome. Luca is hilarious and fit right in with all the other kids (and adults!).

We got together with Dale's family yesterday which was also a lot of fun, and tomorrow we have a lovely wide-open day at home. Hope you are all having a happy Easter weekend.


Anonymous said...

hahaha! I love it!! I was wondering who the little short haired girl was and then I remembered Bella and the scissors.These photos are fabulous!! Totally captured the happy chaos of family gatherings.


Anonymous said...

Top photo only Neve is looking @ the camera, bottom one only Chloe! These were the 2 best ones?!?!? Awesome! Jim I am not a robot......stupid non-words!!!!!