Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sorry for the absence ... I saw a few good "letter" opportunities the past couple of days, but I didn't have my camera with me. 

Dale and I went to a movie tonight and when we got back, Chloe and Spencer were eating popcorn and playing Life.  Neve was tucked in bed, fast asleep.  It's a good life.  Actually it was a really good day.  We had company last night so the house was cleaner than usual, and after fencing and gymnastics were over, there was nothing on the schedule.  My goals this weekend were to paint Chloe's bed (done) and get some pictures on her wall.  I spray-painted some picture frames, chose, ordered, and picked up some prints, and have arranged the frames like I want them.  (I think.  I've rearranged them fifty times and eventually just had to walk away.  I know when I see them tomorrow, I'll want to make some changes again.  I'm so not a perfectionist, but I don't want it to bug me every time I see them.) Now I just have to hammer in some nails and hang them up.  The only glitch is that some of the frames don't have hooks on them, so I have to deal with that first.  But I believe I'll be on schedule to do the reveal by Monday at the latest.  Can't wait to be done.  And then I'll start my bedroom.

It was great to work on those projects without anything else pressing.  Neve was at a friend's all afternoon, so the interruptions were few.  That girl can talk and talk and talk.  Sometimes if I'm busy with something I zone out, but I'm very sorry when that happens because then our conversations go like this.

Neve:  Mom, did you even hear what I said?

Me:  Yes.

Neve:  What did I say?

Me:  You said _______ (I'm usually right because she repeats herself so it gets burned into my subconscious.)

Neve:  Well you didn't say 'mmm-hmmm' so I didn't know if you were listening.

Me:  (nothing, because I don't feel an answer is necessary)

Neve:  Mom!

Me:  What?

Neve:  Are you listening?

And the cycle continues until one or both of us is crying.

So it was a nice, relaxed yet productive afternoon.  We made sushi for dinner and since my goals were pretty much accomplished, Dale and I went to a movie.  In honour of our anniversary tomorrow (just telling you so you have all day tomorrow to send your greetings), we saw The Five Year Engagement even though ours was a Four Month Engagement.  Having a spontaneous night out is something I always imagined we'd do once we had babysitter-aged children, but it doesn't happen very often.  I guess that makes it more special when it does happen.  It was a beautiful evening so we walked to the theatre.  We've been trying to go for a 20-minute walk every night once the kids are in bed, so it was perfect.  Hope you had a great Saturday too.


Daniel said...

Happy Anniversary Ellen & Dale! Glad you had a good day yesterday - sounds very productive. Ah, dear sweet chatter-box Neve...

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah! I like that "one or both of us is crying". I hear you on the non stop talking. Carmen (same age as Neve) would leap out of bed at 7 am and TALK until you put her back in at 7 pm. I would have to tell her "10 minutes of no talking" because I would be ready to FREAK OUT. Her mom would resort to giving her Popsicles just so she was quiet for the time it took her to eat it. Haha!!

Can NOT wait to see the bedroom!!!

Love that you and Dale are aiming for the daily walk together. And Happy Anniversary!!!!



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. You are both lovely. I'm so excited for impromptu walks and movies. How was The Five Year Engagement?


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!


L said...

Thanks everyone!

Five Year Engagement was good. I've seen funnier, but it was fine.